16 Copywriting Tips For Everyone

16 Copywriting Tips For Everyone

There is a common misconception that copywriting should not be too long. The truth is that any quality writing will be read and appreciated by readers regardless of its length. However, things are different when it comes to sales writing. Short and punchy copywriting is more likely to attract interest in whatever product or service you are selling. The following are some tips to help you with copywriting.

– Sentences should have around 16 words only. Long sentences usually have many commas, semicolons and other forms of punctuations that will prevent the user from reading the writing quickly.

– Create a rhythm by using sentences of different lengths randomly or alternately. Readers will notice the rhythm in your writing and will appreciate your efforts.

– Split any long sentence into two. Sentences that can be divided into two should be separated.

– Proofread your piece once you are done with it to rectify errors and remove unnecessary words. The key to success in copywriting lies in using fewer words to say more.

– If you are marketing a product, make sure each word counts for something. This is because readers may not have your patience.

– Do not mix up different thoughts in a single paragraph. Each paragraph should have only one thought. Ideally, each paragraph should have two to three sentences explaining one thought.

– Avoid using jargon or large words because showy writing may devalue your writing. Keep your writing simple and professional. Showy writing is for corporate brochures and not copywriting.

– Be optimistic in your writing, tell readers what they will enjoy doing. Avoid negative words that may dampen spirits.

– Use subheadings and bullets to break up the page. This will allow readers to get the required information without necessarily reading every single word.

– Use words like “revealed” and “breakthrough” among other powerful words to quickly gain attention of your readers.

– Read magazines that your readers enjoy read and write your piece in a language they can understand. However, you should only use a writing style that you are comfortable with.

– Use stories whenever possible. Readers usually relate and respond to stories. Tell your readers how the product or service you are promoting helped someone and your piece will be a winner.

– Get your readers to trust you by giving them facts and even personal history. Readers will trust you more and believe what you tell them if you truly understand their situation.

– Ask your readers a question that they can only say “yes” to in the introduction of your piece. This technique will make it easy for your readers to say “yes” to the product you’ll present later on in your piece.

– The piece should read like a conversation between you and the reader. Read it aloud to ensure that it flows smoothly. The piece should have things people would say out loud.

– Read and analyze the copywriting of people you admire to get more tips and pointers.

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