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7 Copywriting Tips to Build Healthy Customer Relationships

7 Copywriting Tips to Build Healthy Customer Relationships

If you are a copywriter (or write ANY type of correspondence for a business) you understand the importance of clean, clear copy. Crisp, understandable copy promotes healthy customer/client relationships and eliminates misunderstandings. Below you will find seven tips to keep in mind before you start pounding out your next written communication on the keyboard. Whether it be a simple email or an eight page direct mail piece, the tips presented are some basic copywriting essentials.

1. Proofread – this can’t be stressed enough. Typos, run-on sentences, and rambling trains of thought come across as unprofessional. (Even a simple email response deserves a 2nd glance before you click the “send” button).

2. Always make deadline. If you are the weak link in the scheduling nightmare because your copy is MIA, you have just lost the chance to write for that client again.

3. Don’t promise your copy will guarantee specific results. Not only does it destroy your credibility, it is unethical.

4. Use standard software packages. Don’t send file formats your clients can’t open or read. Also, keep the fancy fonts to a minimum for readability purposes.

5. Practice humility. Clients are bound to make change requests on your copy. Take it in stride and keep communication open between yourself and the client to create the strongest copy possible. Listen to their concerns.

6. Keep up-to-date in your field. Trade journals, webinars, and on-line newsletters are among some of the great resources available. Network with your peers when the opportunity is presented. Word of mouth referrals does wonders.

7. Know Your Audience. A little data can go a long way to understanding just who you are writing to. If you don’t take the time to research your audience, you could be left wondering why your written promotion fell flat. Be sure to read the “Customer Profile” of the company you are writing for. You will find insights to your targeted audience such as: age, gender, education, income, and interests.

Begin your client relationship with open communication to develop the strong promotion your client is looking for. Understand client needs and have a thorough understanding of their customer base. Then develop copy that is clear, concise and delivered on time for a healthy on-going client/copywriter relationship.