5 Benefits of Having a United States Green Card

Each year, the United States government issues more than one million Green Cards. Most were awarded to family members of United States citizens and current Green Card holders, followed by workers from other countries seeking work in the United States as the next largest group of recipients.

But there are many other categories of Green Cards. This field guide provides a basic overview of the most common types and who can apply.

Below you will find 5 benefits that you will receive once you get your Green Card.

You can sponsor close relatives
If you hold a US Green Card , it gives you the opportunity to sponsor your immediate family members and gives them the ability to live in the United States with you. “Direct family members” are defined by U.S. Immigration as unmarried children under 21 years of age, parents, and spouses. Check out our glossary for more definitions related to immigration.

It is also possible to sponsor extended family members through the Preferred Family category. That will make it easier for them to accept residency status on their own.

Pay less university fees
Many colleges, universities, and vocational schools in the United States charge higher tuition fees for both overseas and international students. There are countries where the number can be more than 50% more per year. With a Green Card, you are considered a resident of the state and can save money on tuition.

As a permanent legal resident, you are also entitled to apply for – and receive – federal financial assistance for your education. You may also qualify for significant financial assistance from the government to pay for your studies, which can reduce – if not eliminate – tuition fees.

Easier travel to and from the United States
One of the best benefits of having a Green Card is that it makes traveling to and from the United States much easier than having a temporary visa or student visa. The US Immigration Service is required to accept all Green Card holders as the card is a symbol of their legal status in the country. This is one of the many problems that come with having an expired green card, which is one of the reasons why it is so important to renew your green card well in advance of the expiration date.

Please note that you may experience additional problems if you stay abroad for a period of six months or more. US Immigration will then have the right to question whether you really plan to make the United States your permanent residence. They may even choose to revoke your Green Card.

Be eligible to receive social security benefits
The Social Security Administration (SSA), which is primarily funded through payroll taxes, offers economic security to retirees and people with disabilities, as well as their families. About 1 in 4 American families depend on social security benefits.

These benefits range from food and child care assistance to medical care assistance.

Green Card holders can qualify for this social security benefit through their permanent resident status. For example, green card holders who have more than ten years of work experience can claim retirement benefits after working in the United States for ten years.

Better career opportunities in America
Another advantage of having a Green Card is access to better career opportunities. While the average immigrant needs to be sponsored for their work visa by the company they work for, a permanent resident Green Card is legally free to work for almost any company in the United States. They can also set up their own company or become entrepreneurs if they wish.

For more information about green cards, you can consider consulting and consulting assistance for green card program plans from usgreencardoffice.com.…

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Copywriting For the Web – Use the Buying Cycle to Make More Sales

Copywriting For the Web – Use the Buying Cycle to Make More Sales

Want to write sales-generating Web copy? Web copywriting is very different from copywriting for print media. It’s more immediate, and more narrowly targeted as well. Here’s a big tip: the sales cycle should be your guide.

What do we mean by the “buying cycle”?

Think about your own actions when you buy something, a new digital camera for example.

Firstly you think about what you can do with the digital camera. Then you decide you need more information. This is the first part of the buying cycle: finding information. The web is wonderful for this, but many copywriters leave this stage of the buying cycle to someone else.

At the next stage, once enough information has been gathered, you think about brands and product features.

(When you’re writing for prospects at this stage, you’ll take price and quality, as well as user experiences, into account.)

Usually, a copywriter is brought in at the final stage of the buying cycle, when the buyer’s ready to buy. He simply writes the sales material.

But if you think about it, you’ll soon realize that your copywriting skills can be more effective if they were used at every stage of the buying cycle.

Here’s how I recommend my clients use the buying cycle.

1. Create an Information-Packed Blog for Info Seekers

This works amazingly well. Blogging can be free advertising. You’re educating potential buyers, and priming them to buy for you — there’s no guarantee that they will buy from you of course, but when you consider that the web works on keywords and information, you’re generating sales organically, and these sales will continue for years.

2. Write As Many Sales Pages As You Need for Each Advertising Campaign

You just need one sales page, right? Wrong.

The web is a collection of tightly focused niche markets, rather than a single market. No matter what the product, if you try to write one single sales page to target each possible niche, you either go mad or give up in disgust.

Firstly work out which niches you’re targeting, and then write a sales page for each one; if you’re using pay per click advertising, you should also create ads for every page.

3. Ensure That Your Ads Match Your Landing Pages

Web surfers are impatient. They want what they want when they want it. This means that you need to create ads which are strictly relevant to one sales page. Relevancy is all-important. Nothing frustrates a buyer more (and loses more sales), than clicking through to irrelevant landing pages.

If you think about the buying cycle, and use it strategically, your Web copywriting will be simple, effective, and successful.…

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7 Tips For How to Sell With Words and Pictures

7 Tips For How to Sell With Words and Pictures

People who write articles and build websites to sell products or services on the internet can learn everything about the craft of copywriting from the direct marketing legends. When a master salesman like Drayton Bird tells you that something “works” you want to pay attention and listen carefully to him. He is speaking from the wisdom of lessons learned by testing, measuring and comparing everything.

Here are 7 copywriting tips for how to sell with words and pictures.

1. Headlines. The headline must attract attention. What attracts attention, best? News of benefits: clear, precise, desirable benefits. The reader needs to see that there is something in it for him to keep him going deeper into the copy.

2. Lots of Sub Headings. People tend to scan the entire page before settling in on a particular point of interest. Sub headings that stand out from the body copy make it easier for your reader to find the section of the copy that most appeals to him.

3. Avoid Large Blocks of Text. Use in conjunction with the above tip. Make it easy for your reader to read your page. Keep paragraphs short and limited to a single idea. If you do that you will not need lots of white space. Layout artists like white space but white space does not sell anything.

4. Serif text is easier to read. The little feet at the bottom of the text keep the eye moving horizontally.

5. Editorialize. Most advertising copy sells better when it looks like the editorial content in the rest of the publication or on the website. In other words, advertisements that look like advertisements do not sell as well.

6. Pictures of faces work best, especially when the person in the picture is looking straight out at the reader. Eyes, arms, and feet in pictures that are pointed off to the side tend to send the reader’s eyes in the same direction. Use product pictures that show a person like your most likely buyer using and enjoying the product.

7. Black text on a white background is easiest to read. You can still use blocks of reverse color text in your copy but do it sparingly.

Follow these 7 copywriting tips from master salesman Drayton Bird and your response rate will improve.…

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Things You Should Do For Your Blogs

Things You Should Do For Your Blogs

Make sure to update your blog frequently and with the good relevant content, which links to the other internal as well as external resources. Make the blogs very interesting and take in photos plus video to interest them up and to keep your readers eager for more. It is very good to monitor your websites plus blogs, though, be sure not to take in lots of advertising that it gets detract from the core purpose of your website or blog which is to acquire visitors to purchase your products or services, and not to click on the ads so that you can acquire 2 cents fee.

People are keen on blogs. Blogs are very interactive and educational, you write down to people and after that people put down comments regarding your post. While you write down a blog you desire it to be very interactive but educational. You desire to give people information that they are searching for however you would also like to create the trusting association between you as well as your readers and also the community in which everybody can learn from also can interact with one another. A blog is the great way to carry out your writing ability before you advance and make your own products.

Blogs are occupied with content that is their appeal. They present countless content for the people to read, observe or pay attention to. By writing the blog you will find out your writing way. You may have the writing style, which is more informative, or else perhaps your writing style is further more relational. A blog is the great way to determine this and after that when it comes to create your personal products you identify your writing style so you can center on doing the writing style well. Blog gives you an opportunity to frequently improve. By using all the advantages listed on top you can constantly improve in all of the areas of the writing style.…

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How To Get Better Rankings For Your Health Related Website

How To Get Better Rankings For Your Health Related Website

How to get better rankings for your Health related website?

Getting links from related websites is the best thing you can do for your Health website. As we have seen time and again, the search engines give most value to one-way links coming from quality websites related to your site topic. Every health website owner would love to get links only from health related websites. So how do we do that?

Here is one way

You will need to spend hours on searching for the right websites related to your topic.

You need to go through thousands of health related websites, see which ones link out to other sites and make a note of them.

You will then need to try contacting the website owners to ask for a link to your site. Getting the contact details can be difficult in many cases. So if in case you do not get the contact details, you can get in touch with them through their Contact Us page.

You will have to wait for the site owners to respond and in many cases many mails will be exchanged before they agree to give you a link. Most of the times you will be met by refusals but even if you get lucky and anyone does decide to give you a link, they might ask for a reciprocal link back to their site or they might not give you a link with the anchor text you want. As you can see, even after spending a lot of your precious time, all your efforts it may all be in vain.

However, as an alternative and a much easier one, what you can do is get links from niche directories related only to the Health sector. Whether you have a health related blog, a doctor website, an e-commerce website selling health products or a counselling or therapy site you can get listed under your most relevant categories in these Health directories.

All you would need to do is enter your URL, title, description and email and place an order, thats all. Ordering in the niche directories is very simple and requires only the basic information to be entered.

There are plenty of health directories available and some examples of the categories and sub categories you will most likely find in the health directories Addictions, Senior Health, Reproductive System, Aging, Beauty Treatments, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Child Health, Fitness, Advice, Alternative, Nursing, Weight Loss, Womens Health, Disability and many more.

It is an advisable and recommended strategy to get your health website listed in as many relevant directories as possible to increase your chances of ranking higher for your target terms.…

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Tips for Completing Thesis Quickly

Writing a thesis can be said as the ultimate struggle to get a master’s degree. Most master’s degree students are taken by students who are already actively working, although there are still those who have not worked because they continue their master’s degree immediately after graduating from bachelor’s degree.

Busyness at work and the task of compiling scientific papers makes the focus split. The preparation of this scientific work cannot be said to be easy, so it tends to take a long time. To prevent this, you can do the following tips:

  1. Have a Target
    Helping you finish writing your thesis quickly can be started by setting targets. Living with targets helps to manage time efficiently and earnestly in achieving those goals.

When compiling this scientific paper, make sure you have a target after graduating from the master’s program. This is important to encourage a strong desire to complete the preparation as quickly as possible.

  1. Finding Research Themes
    The research theme will certainly not come by itself in front of the eyes, it needs to be searched and executed. So, spend a week or so looking for research themes. Prioritize those that are currently being discussed and are still related to the field of science being taken.
  2. Discipline of Writing Scripts
    After the thesis research theme is obtained and selected, the next step is to consistently compose the manuscript. Prioritize the preparation of sections or chapters that are considered easy first, for example chapter 1 first. A week later to the next chapter and so on.
  3. Worked Professionally
    Writing a thesis does need to cultivate a professional spirit, namely by considering it as a task from the workplace. So really take the time to put it together, other than that it won’t delay time.

You can also provide a special time every day, for example 7 hours a day to focus on working on a thesis manuscript . This method will help you complete all parts of this scientific work and be able to finish it on time. You need tesilab.it too print your thesis online.

Having a high commitment to graduate the master’s program on time or earlier is very important. So have a target in the future what you will do and what achievements you want to achieve. As an encouragement to finish the thesis as soon as possible.…

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Google Ranking – Focus on Fundamentals

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