Writing a Sales Letter – 8 Tips to Write Effectively

Writing a Sales Letter – 8 Tips to Write Effectively

Sending out some sales letter is one of the methods in marketing your business online and increase your sales. Of course, you are communicating directly to a potential customer, and this could be translated into a sale with the help of your sales letter.

Moreover, in the stiff competition online where businesses are exploring a lot of ways to reach out to their target market, it helps a lot to learn some tips and strategies in writing a sales letter that can give you results.

Here are 8 top tips to help you in writing a sales letter that can deliver sales, which of course, is its ultimate goal.

1. Have a clear-cut objective on why you are writing a letter. Like a business plan, you also have to know what you want to achieve in writing the letter. With this, you will be guided on what to aim for and you can also assess later on if you are indeed successful with your goals.

2. Write attention-grabbing leads. Like writing ad copies, writing the first few sentences in a manner that can catch the reader’s attention is one of your first steps in making your letter effective. Of course, it is important that you get the attention of your reader and lead him to read what you want him to read.

3. Use a conversational tone in your sales letter. This will make your letter sound natural. Of course, you don’t have to be too formal with your letter. It is of course a lot convincing and less boring if you talk the natural way and your get rid of the stiffness in formal writing.

4. Focus on the benefits and advantages that the letter recipient can get from your business or your product. Do not focus much on the features of your product. Of course, the people are much more interested in what they can benefit from the business and giving that information to them is one thing that can surely catch their attention.

5. Personalize your letter. Instead of sending it to a ‘Dear Friend,’ try putting your recipient’s name. Personalizing your letter will help you get a good response from the recipients and will more likely give your sales a boost.

6. Use simple vocabulary and make your letter simple and concise. Avoid using jargons that only a few people understand. Do not also make a lengthy business letter that will only bore your reader.

7. Include testimonials if you can. Testimonials are also great tools to help you add more convincing power to your sales letter. Of course, this will also give the recipient an idea on what is your business like and will also give an idea on whether other people are satisfied with your business.

8. Pick powerful and convincing words and phrases that will give you higher chances in getting a response from your recipient. This can be your secrets in writing a sales letter that can really sell.

Of course, you also have to check that you have a call to action with your letter and you proofread your letter for spelling errors.…

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Tips for Choosing the Most Appropriate Tutoring for You

Entering the new school year is the right time to determine a tutoring (bimbel). Especially for students who are about to enter their final year at school. Usually both students and parents want more study time. The goal is to focus more on preparing for the final exam and also preparation for taking various continuing school tests. So, so that you can choose the right tutoring, consider the following tips.

Tutoring Type

Along with following the development of student learning styles, tutoring is no longer only in the classroom. There are also types of online tutoring that can be used anytime and anywhere. Some basic comparisons between the two, namely:

  1. Online Tutoring

Students can understand lessons at school through technological devices such as laptops and cell phones. There are various learning systems, one of which is by using learning applications that can be downloaded for free. The application contains thousands of learning video content which is directly explained by teachers who are experts in their fields. In addition, there are also quiz questions to test self-ability and the final result is an online report card.

The selection of online learning is very appropriate for students who have busy activities at school. It can also be an option so that parents can more easily control their children.

  1. Conventional Tutoring

Although there are now many online tutoring popping up, but conventional tutoring is also still surviving with a variety of innovations. Despite having to pay a higher fee, there are still many parents who believe that face-to-face classes will make students more focused on learning. Recently, conventional tutoring has begun to expand to counseling sessions for parents and students by holding parenting seminars.

The many choices of tutoring often make students and parents feel confused to determine which one is the most appropriate. Of course, there are several things to consider, including:


The cost ranges from elementary school tutoring, junior high school tutoring, and high school tutoring have different price ranges. However, in general, the range is around Rp. 2 million to Rp. 25 million. The amount of this fee is determined by the study period (a month/semester/year), the duration of study hours, and the total number of meetings. It is highly recommended to choose online tutoring because the price is much more affordable because it does not require operational costs for classrooms and transportation to the tutoring location.


This is due to the various forms of facilities that students will receive. For example, such as modules, classroom comfort, tryouts , consulting lessons outside of tutoring hours, and even providing shelter ( camp ). The amount of the fee can also be determined from the length of study hours and the number of meetings per week.


Not all quality tutoring has the same curriculum reference as the school. Moreover, currently, education in Indonesia uses 3 main curricula, namely the Education Unit Level Curriculum (KTSP), 2013 Curriculum, and the revised 2013 Curriculum. So, before choosing tutoring , it is necessary to do research first so that it can be adapted to the references used in schools. To mediate this, Ruangguru also provides content that is in accordance with the three curricula.


The assessment of the benefits of tutoring canĀ  not be separated from the results obtained by the alumni. The students and parents of course should try to find out the previous track record . However, it’s not just about looking at the final exam results. But also how the teaching and learning process during the guidance takes place. This is because this can actually affect the enthusiasm of students to be able to excel in school.

How about you, you already know what kind of tutoring is right for you? For those of you who want to choose edukingdom.com.au

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Copywriting Tips – Sensational Headline Tips

Copywriting Tips – Sensational Headline Tips

This article is actually going to serve two purposes. The first is to give you some tips on writing sensational headlines. The second is to serve as a warning to new copywriters to be very careful about what you claim in your headlines. The FTC is starting to crack down on wild, unsubstantiated claims and the copywriters are going to be in just as much hot water as the product creators. So please take the following words to heart.

Let’s start with sensational headlines. What makes one? Well, the simple answer is, any headline that gets the prospect to move on to the next paragraph. Doing that is a whole different ball of wax. But let’s put ourselves into the shoes of our prospect. What would WE want to see if we were looking at a sales page headline? What would make us want to read on?

For me, it’s a powerful claim, an interesting question or something that makes me curious. A powerful claim would be something like, “Miracle Cream Will Clear Up Your Acne In 3 Days…Guaranteed.” An interesting question would be something like, “Would It Be Worth 5 Minutes Of Your Time To Discover How To Play Violin Like A Concert Violinist?” Something that would make me curious would be something like, “Keep Reading To Discover How An Out Of Work Truck Driver Banked $30,184 In 90 Days.” I’d certainly want to know how he did it.

Those are just three of the many ways to get people to keep on reading. The key is grabbing their attention. You don’t want a headline that just sits there. And you want something that is as specific as possible. Notice in the last headline, I used a specific dollar amount. If I had used words like “fortune” or something like that, it wouldn’t have been as effective. The fact that I used a specific amount makes the headline more credible.

have to be very careful about using headlines like these. You can’t make claims that aren’t true. If you say that so and so made $X in Y number of days, you better be able to show verifiable proof that this happened. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a boat load of trouble. For this reason, I tend to stay away from claims in the sales letters I now write. There are ways to still write a compelling headline without having to make actual claims. It just takes a little bit of thought.

Bottom your headline doesn’t grab the prospect by the throat and make him want to read on, you’re not going to get the sale.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim…

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5 Easy Steps to Developing Employees

Employee development is one of the company’s ways to achieve success. This is indeed not an easy task because usually company leaders focus too much on improving product quality but pay less attention to their employees. Moreover, there are still quite a lot of leaders who do not know how to develop their employees. To help you, here are some easy steps in developing employees.

Consider company goals when developing employees

Businessman holding red dart push on target. Business strategy planning success target goals. Business development concept

Before setting goals for employees, align the employee development plan with the needs of the company.

Start by considering what goals the company long-term and short-term. Then identify the skills, knowledge, and competencies that employees need to support these goals.

For example, if your company is predicted to experience accelerated growth, you may need additional leaders or managers. What skills do these managers need to have?

Do any of your current employees have the skills or abilities to fill this position? If not, develop a plan to bridge the gap between the current employee’s skills and the required skills.

Communicating with employees

Avoid assuming that you know the skill levels, career goals, and aspirations of employees. It’s a good idea to have face-to-face discussions with each employee to get a better understanding of what their career goals are and how they think they can achieve them.

Ask employees to evaluate their work. In what areas do they struggle the most? Do they benefit from additional training?

Some employees may already have an image of a career path in mind. But often they don’t know how to get started. By communicating with them, you can work together to find out what opportunities you can offer them and how the company can facilitate them.

Determine what skills employees need

After looking at the abilities and experience of each employee, you can adjust it to the needs of the company.

It is time to decide what skills each employee needs. Ensure that employee goals are specific and timely. It is much more difficult to measure employee progress when their goals are not clear.

Good employees are those who are always improving all the time. Employee training is a long-term investment that will benefit the company and the employees themselves.

Developing internal employees as candidate managers can save time and money when compared to recruiting and training outsiders.

Create an action plan for activities to develop employee potential

Now that you know your goals , it’s time to figure out how your employees will achieve them. Employee development programs can include a combination of activities such as formal training, working with experts, coaching , and visits to institutions that offer employee development opportunities.

You should also explain any challenges they have to face in their current position.

Consider what it will take to make your employee plan a reality. Is there any preparation that needs to be made?

This will keep employees moving forward and continuing to pursue their goals. The action plan will also help measure the success of your plan.

Apply new skills to develop employees

You can spend a lot of time and money helping employees improve their skills. To benefit from employee development, you can apply these new skills to the company.

Set up several opportunities where employees can quickly apply these new skills to the job and get feedback. This will help strengthen their new skills. Because if they don’t immediately use that knowledge, employees will likely forget it.

Those are five easy steps you can take in developing employees. For this reason, a manager and company leader must care and be committed to supporting the development and progress of employees.

One of them is by not spending too much time doing administrative things. Managers should think more strategically. You can use Talenta , the #1 HR software to do all HR administrative work. If you need training online check here thehrlady.com

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Tips For Getting Your Blog to Post Automatically to Facebook

Tips For Getting Your Blog to Post Automatically to Facebook

If you are looking at automatically posting your blog post to Facebook, then this article will help you achieve this in less than 5 minutes.

In the next few minutes, we are going to look at how you can automate your Facebook updates from your WordPress blog. We will then look at why (in my opinion) you should NOT automatically post your blog to Facebook.

WordPress is the most popular platform on the internet and is used by countless people for blogging. If you are familiar with WordPress, you have probably searched for a WordPress plugins to help you automate your cross-posting. However in this case (and for once), we will not need a WordPress plugin but rather a Facebook application!

The Facebook app you want to connect with your Facebook account is called “Social Rss” (you can find it by using the Facebook search feature). Simply add it to your page, enter your blog name and RSS address, and finally make sure to grant access to your newsfeed. Voila: every WordPress blog post will be automatically posted to Facebook!

Nevertheless, I need to stress out that in my opinion, you should not automatically post your blog updates to Facebook, unless you want to scare away your friends (or ‘fans’). In fact Faceboook is a platform where people communicate with each other on a personal level, and will probably won’t be receptive to an automated WordPress update. If you do decide to carry on with automatic updates, it is advised that you do mix it with some genuine status updates now and then.

As you have seen, automatically linking your WordPress blog to Facebook is relatively easy thanks to a Facebook application called “Social RSS”. However, always make sure that you do not drive away your Facebook friends with too many impersonal automatic updates.…

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Creating Membership Sites – WordPress + Wishlist = Your Membership Success!

Creating Membership Sites – WordPress + Wishlist = Your Membership Success!

Membership Sites are a hot item just now, with many people creating new sites to share information with their communities. There are many types of memberships and ways to create them. Some of the programs out on the market today can be terribly expensive and clunky to use. Many don’t allow a lot of custom work done on the site, so it’s hard to brand your Membership Site. While there isn’t (yet!) a perfect solution, a combination of WordPress and WishList is about as close as you can get!

Why WordPress + WishList?

First of all, WordPress is a free blogging platform that can do so much more. With all the themes, plugins, and training that is available online (and most of that is free as well!), a simple blog can be transformed into a very active and feature-rich website with photos, video, files, password-protected areas and memberships! There are even plugins to add forums, varied content, calendars and more! With such a flexible platform, there isn’t much that you can think of that you can’t do with a WordPress website.

WishList, while not free, is a very inexpensive option to the other membership management software solutions that are currently available. There is a one-time fee for the plugin, which means no recurring monthly fees. You can purchase a license to use on one site, or a multi-site license that would allow you to setup multiple Membership Sites. This “premium plugin” for WordPress can handle almost anything you throw at it and the developers are continuing to tweak it and add features. They’re even creating additional plugins to help you maximize your site! You can even link it directly to your shopping cart or autoresponder program, making your site appear seamless and perfect! It’s easy to install and since it is a premium plugin, the files are encrypted so you know you have a secure program.

Combining WordPress and WishList is a win-win situation for you and your members. While using this combination takes a little while to setup, the levels of customization make it worthwhile. Your members will feel right at home due to the branding you can use on your Membership Site. And it’s as easy to update your Membership Site as it is to post to your blog!

Bonus Tip: WishList has a great affiliate program, so if your members like the setup of your site, you could earn your money back in no time!…

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Copywriting Tips – Wants And Needs

Copywriting Tips – Wants And Needs

One thing that beginning copywriters have a lot of trouble with is really understanding the difference between wants and needs and how to get this across in their copy. This article is going to explain the difference and give an example of how you would differentiate the two when writing your sales letter.

Okay, let’s start off with a need since I think that’s something we can all relate to. Eating would be a need. We all need to eat in order to survive. If we don’t eat, we starve to death. That’s a need and it’s pretty simple to understand.

Now, let’s take the subject of eating and bring it down to the level of a want. Okay, we NEED to eat, BUT, we don’t have to eat any particular food to stay alive. There are plenty of foods that I won’t go near because I can’t stand the way they taste. The foods that I enjoy are my wants. I want to eat oatmeal cookies because I love the way they taste. Conversely, I would NOT eat prune danish because I hate prunes.

So what’s the point? Well, let’s say that you’re selling some kind of diet food that’s going to make people well. If you focus on the needs (losing weight, etc.) people are not going to be overly excited by your copy. However, if you focus on what they want (tastes great, etc.) THEN they are going to be more excited by your product because it’s hitting them in the area that really matters people want.

Like it or not, and I don’t care what niche it is, people do NOT buy things because they need them. They buy things because they WANT them. Even items that you would think are needs aren’t really. Food is a perfect example. Yes, we have to eat. But we sure as heck don’t have to eat that slop that somebody threw down in front of us if it’s NOT appealing. As long as we have choices, all needs still come down to what we ultimately want.

I need to drink water everyday to stay healthy. But I sure as heck don’t have to drink some bottled water if I don’t want to. I can easily just get it from the tap. You have to give me a compelling reason why I should want YOUR water. Do that and you’ve understood the basic philosophy behind writing salescopy.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim…

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