How To Get Ranked On The First Page Of Google In 3 Steps

How To Get Ranked On The First Page Of Google In 3 Steps

The lifeblood of most businesses is a constant stream of new leads. Since the inception of Google it’s been really easy for online and brick and mortar business to get a constant stream of leads by using Google AdWords. Paying for clicks has become very expensive though, because of the amount of competition that there is for ad space. The most profitable way to get around paying for traffic is by getting ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and the new Bing search engine.

There are a few basic fundamentals that you have to follow in order to get on the first page of Google. Those three are links, relevant content, and on page optimization. If you are in a market that is really competitive, you have to use all three in order to get the upper hand on your competition and start receiving the additional traffic, leads, and profits that you’re looking for.

Backlinks (links to your website) are the most important factor when it comes to getting ranked on the first page of Google and the other search engines. The only time it really doesn’t matter is when there isn’t a lot of competition for a particular search phrase. For example, if you decide to put a website that sells “pink cow dung”, you’ll probably end up on the first page of Google for that phrase with only a few links. The reason for this is that there is virtually no competition for that search phrase. I know, I know, that’s an extreme example, but I wanted to show you something extreme so you could understand how it works. On the flip side, if you decide to focus on terms like, “injury attorney”, “real estate”, and “make money online”, you virtually have no chance at getting on the first page. The websites that rank on the first page for those terms have millions of links pointing to them.

One of the best ways to get on the first page is to use very specific keywords in the title and the headline of your websites. Instead of using real estate agent use orange county commercial real estate agent. When other sites link to you or you link from other sites back to your site, make sure that you use 3 or more words in your links. This is what is called long tail keywords, and long tail keyword research. Essentially, you are going in the backdoor to get the traffic and increase in profits that come along with that.…

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How to Drive Traffic To Your Site With Easy SEO Techniques You Can Do Yourself

How to Drive Traffic To Your Site With Easy SEO Techniques You Can Do Yourself

It used to be that you could build it… and they would come. But with millions of web sites and billions of pages on the web… you have to optimize your site as best you can in order to compete. And, in today’s economy, it pays to have a well-optimized site… particularly if you want to reap the rewards it will have to offer in 2012 and beyond.

I want to share with you some of the most important SEO techniques you can perform yourself to increase traffic to your site, increase your customer base and improve sales. Most people, when their web site is complete, race to get their site indexed by Google and the other search engines. But if your site is not fully optimized, the information gathered by the search engines for their organic results may not be exactly what you want. So, before you index or re-index your site, here are a handful of suggestions for you to consider.

I’m still convinced that each page’s Title, Description and Keywords are the most important thing you can focus on when optimizing your pages. Obviously the content on each page is very important as well. But even more important is the correlation between the content and the Title, Description and Keywords. So, here’s a quick list of things you should do – and not do – to optimize your web site.

– Don’t use your web address in the Title; you should, however, use your registered business name, business name, phone number, special offers or other call to actions (CTAs).

– Keep your titles to less than 65 characters, otherwise it will most likely be clipped when displayed in a search engine result.

– Upload a robots .txt to the root of your server/web site.

– Always use a site map page on your site – even if there’s just a link to it.

– Custom design your 404 Error Pages to make sure users are directed to a page where they can get help if they’ve entered an incorrect web address.

– Always use Cascading Style Sheets to design your pages and don’t embed color, size and font tags in your page’s code.

– Use standard hyperlinks wherever possible and use the Title Tag; links in buttons or JavaScript may not be recognized by search engine crawlers.

– Make sure to include your most important keywords in and image’s ALT tag.

– Use H1-H6 tags for page and other headings. You can always change the way H1-H6 headings display using CSS.

– At the bottom of every page on the site, use menus as text links, and make sure that every page links to every other page. These links can be as valuable as back links from other sites!

– Keep the size of your pages as small as possible, and make sure images are never larger than 100KB.

Finally, analyze your competitor’s site(s). Look at their Titles, Descriptions, Keywords and Content and see what they are doing right or wrong – and look for ways that you can improve your site so you can be more competitive in today’s economy – and be positioned to capitalize on greater web site traffic.

Remember, Web Page Optimization isn’t just about getting higher page rankings and better search engine listings… it’s also about selling more once you’ve driven traffic to your site!…

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Copywriter Jobs

Copywriter Jobs

If you have experienced too many bounces coming out from user’s visits in your website, something must be wrong with your contents. The usual thing that probably is happening is that users have found no relevance in your website with what they are looking for. Your website’s contents need to be redone, rewritten, or completely replaced. This is done by a good copywriter and you can find them in the internet because this is the place where many copywriter jobs can be found. A good copywriter will create contents based on your intended customer’s needs using SEO strategies, and this will be good for your web marketing efforts.

Keep Your Visitors by Having Contents With Good Copies

Keeping your visitors to stick on your site will depend on how they find your contents. The keywords used here will be the core word in the search engine optimization strategies to be used. These words are the keys that will define your probable success on the web. Having many visitors clicking on your site will be good but if these visitors will also click back right away, of what good will be your contents? The SEO strategies will place your site on the top search pages of the search engines while the quality of your contents will be what visitors will need. Get quality writers from the net where many copywriter jobs are posted, and you will have quality contents created.

Outstanding Marketing Campaigns Starting From Good Website Content Copies

When you have an online marketing campaign, you need to have contents that can sell so you need to start your campaign here. Successful online marketing campaigns usually starts with quality contents created, a website well designed to attract viewers, strategies to keep visitors glued to your site, and the quality products you have. However, no matter how good your products are but you will not be able to get visitors glued to your website, you will lose on your efforts because visitors will just go away. Your contents will do the job and you need to search the internet for copywriter jobs and find the quality copywriters you need.

The Use of Technology in Creating Quality Content Copies

Technology these days has aided content creation, where a person can write contents in an instant, when he sees an important topic to write and just pull out his laptop to write these interesting topics. For the web marketers, it has also given them the wide options of acquiring SEO tools that can help them with their marketing efforts. These tools will help marketers improve on their contents; refine these if something is not right. These tools can also help the content writers you get from the copywriter jobs in the internet.

If you are new in online marketing you may just decide to write contents yourself. However, this will only be good if you are the quality content writer you are, which might not be the case. Getting the quality and skillful writer from copywriter jobs on the internet will give you the quality content writer that your online business need.…

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How to Optimize Every Page Title on Your Web Site For Search Engines and Visitors

How to Optimize Every Page Title on Your Web Site For Search Engines and Visitors

The page title is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Why? Because each page title appears as the “headline” in a search engine result listing. You want every page title to be compelling, perhaps even a bit provocative. Be creative. If you’re a retailer or have a brick and mortar business, include your phone number, address, a special offer or a call to action. Think of the Page Title as the headline to an advertisement, but you don’t have to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month in search engine advertising campaign programs, like Google AdWords.

You’ll also want to make sure to consider your keywords when writing page titles. If possible, use your most important keyword as the first word in your title and establish the topic for the page. I prefer to start with interior web site pages (not the home page) when writing titles. Why? Because it’s more difficult to write a title or headline for the home page, which theoretically is supposed to detail your entire company’s product, services, resources and more. So, start with a page that is specific to one topic. For example, a page that deals with a single product within your product line. This way, you can include specific key words and phrases that relate specifically to that one product. Once you get a few page titles under your belt, writing a great headline for your home page will be that much easier.

Keep your title to less than 65 characters, as most search engines don’t display any more than that. You want your title to be complete… and not have it automatically shortened for you. When you see search engine listings that end with an ellipse (… ) you’ll know that the search engine has automatically truncated the title. Worse, if you don’t have a title for your page, or it’s left as the default “untitled”, search engines will create a title for you… but it might not be the best possible title for that page!

As a rule of thumb, you should never include the word Home or Home Page as part of your title. It really has no value, and you should strive to use more important, descriptive words in your page titles.

Every page on your site deserves to have a great title! Every page on your site provides a unique opportunity to advertise or market your company, its products, services, resources, support and much more.

Note: There is another type of title that you can also use to help optimize your pages. You can include a title for almost any element on your web pages. The one that makes the most sense – and the ones you should consider – are titles for your hyperlinks. Titles serve several functions. First, they provide a tool tip when you hover over them, makes your content more accessible to more viewers, and it provides another opportunity to make your pages keyword-rich.…

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Landing Page Optimization Techniques: Learn How to Be More Visible on the Web Sans Stressful Effort

Landing Page Optimization Techniques: Learn How to Be More Visible on the Web Sans Stressful Effort

For many internet marketers, the landing page plays a big impact on their ROI from advertising. While a land page that performs poorly will need the best advertising professional, an effective page will make an ordinary campaign a leading performer.

The Perfect Example…

Betty’s Baskets provides consumers with custom-made baskets for $100 per piece. Betty makes a 20% of profit for every basket which means that she makes $20 for every sold basket. Betty’s website gets visited by 1,000 people everyday. Using only 2.5 conversion rate, this company sells 25 baskets per day with a profit of $500.

What Comes Next?

The company that improves their webpage increases their income and gains their market share at the risk of their competitors who haven’t realized the benefits of optimizing their page.

How to Start?

Determine the purpose of your homepage and what you expect your consumers to do once they click on the link to your site.

Buy from your products or services?

Make a download?

Comment or vote on polls?

Give personal information for future use?

Now, Let’s Find Out What Works Effectively for Your Landing Page.

Keep It Short and Simple, the clich?� goes, but it does make sense. Make your homepage concentrated and simple. Reading long entries and information is hard and stressful. Help a visitor find what he’s looking for quickly, so don’t waste his time.

Introduce Your Landing Page. Tell people where they have landed since they have transported from one medium to another, they have to know where they are. Put words like,” Welcome to Jimmy’s Catering Service.”

Don’t Invade Your Consumer’s all computers have the latest apps. You are a goner to try to wow your guests by using too many special effects on your homepage. Again, make things precise and clear.

Give Calls to Action. Have URL links at the top, middle and bottom of your landing page. Other people click on the first link that they can see, while others read long stretches before they do something. Use your resources wisely as you spent money for your webpage. Use every campaign thoroughly so you can make use of your future landing pages.

Landing Pages Lose 30% of Visitors for Every Registration Fields. Make your age short and simple, too. Just get the email address of your visitor to start have many responses as possible, getting many registrations in the process.

Make Your Purpose Clear. What’s clear for you are not for your visitors especially when they are from the different part of the world. Repeat your purpose for clarity. Don’t leave them hanging there.

Follow the Eyes of Your Test your test subject scan your page and when they’re done, go back and ask which part of your landing page they misunderstood. Ask for the areas to improve on your webpage but never interrupt them as they scan your webpage.

Optimize your landing page wisely and see profits coming in.

Learn the techniques of landing page optimization to decrease the cost of advertising and to increase the profit of your business.…

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The Three Essential WordPress SEO Tips You Need to Know

The Three Essential WordPress SEO Tips You Need to Know

If you want to know about WordPress SEO, then this is the article for you.

The internet today is incredibly accessible. Facebook, MySpace, and eye-friendly/user-friendly layouts of nearly every website makes the internet browsing experience an overall enjoyable experience. However, the internet wasn’t always like this.

With today’s internet, anyone can create a blog. Decide on a topic, do a little writing, make a few clicks with your mouse, and BAM. You’ve got a blog.

However, the internet wasn’t always like this. Back in the day, creating a blog or a website was a serious endeavor. Every aspect of your blog had to be painstakingly designed one character at a time. No Visual Fox pro or Dreamweaver back then!

Because creating a blog or a website is now so simple, people can create a website without understanding the intricacies and vital elements required.

One of these intricacies is SEO. Specifically, WordPress SEO.

Thought you might not think it at first, WordPress SEO is incredibly important if you want to get large amounts of traffic to your website. Why? Because you will have a rough time getting your website to the top of Google without proper on-page SEO.

Before you do ANYTHING, you’re going to want to do proper keyword research. Chances are, you already know which keywords you want to optimize for in your WordPress SEO endeavors, but double and triple check your competition to ensure that you can take that number one spot in Google.

After you pinpoint your main keyword phrase, target a few secondary keyword phrases. These keyword phrases should be related to your primary keyword phrase, but shouldn’t not have too much competition.

After you’ve decided on the primary and secondary keyword phrases that you’d like to take over, you’ll want to make sure that your basic WordPress SEO setting are correct.

Go through your blog and make sure that your headings, subheadings and titles relate to your primary and secondary keyword phrases.

Now that you’ve taken care of your primary and secondary keyword phrases, it’s time to take the next WordPress SEO step. Content.

This is going to be an ongoing effort. Throughout your blogs posts, try to sprinkle your primary keyword and secondary keyword phrases throughout your blog posts.

WordPress SEO isn’t something you want to ignore. It seems like a small thing on paper, but it’s these small things that are going to put you ahead of your competition.…

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Free Copywriting Tips For You

Free Copywriting Tips For You

Do you write sales copy for online blogs, websites, or traditional print media such as newspapers or magazines? If so, then you know that it doesn’t really matter whether you have a lot of experience or very little experience in writing sales copy – there’s always room to improve your writing. This article provides three (3) free tips that will help you increase the effectiveness of your sales copywriting, regardless of your level of experience.

1. Always Use a Headline

The headline is a quick sentence that highlights one of the best benefits of your product. It is used to grab the attention of the reader and make them want to read the rest of your sales copy. Use a lot of action words like “now,” “get,” or “do” when you write out your headline. In addition, make sure that you speak directly to your potential customers in the headline. Use the word “you” instead of speaking about someone else.

2. Format Your Sales Copy

One of the best free copywriting tips that you will ever hear is that you need to format all of the sales copy that you write so it looks professional. Potential customers will be affected by the way that your content looks, and be more likely to respond to your offer. They want to read something that is easy on the eyes. If your sales copy is in one big clump, it will not look professional at all. Try to write in relatively short paragraphs of about three to five sentences. Make sure that you put an empty line in between each paragraph so readers can follow along very easily.

3. Speak To Them The Whole Time

Remember back in high school English class when you spent a week talking about “point of view?” Most of us remember that the first person point of view uses “I” and third person uses “he” and “she.” However, the second person point of view is often overlooked. This is when you speak directly to the reader using words like “you.” This is exactly how you want to write out your sales copy. You want it to seem as if the sales copy was written specifically for your reader. As you can see, this article is written in the second person point of view.

If you use these free copywriting tips, you will increase the effectiveness of your sales pages, improve click through rates, and see a rise in sales of the products and services you are promoting.…

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