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Anything About What is Scholarship?

When you are about to finish your undergraduate degree, you may have thought to continue your study to the higher level. But there’s a will there’s a way. If you are ready to do it, there is a way called scholarship. Learn about what is scholarship if you still get the same problem like entrance fee.

Let’s talk about the definition of what is scholarship? first. It is a kind of award which covers students in the education field with different requirements and offers. Simply, this scholarship presents for those who are looking for the solution in continuing study. So, do you want to know more about what is scholarship?

Division of Two Based

There are two based of scholarship which are commonly explained in understanding what is scholarship?. The first is called as  merit-based scholarship. If you think that you have a good academic report, you should try to take this type of scholarship. While for the second namely need-based scholarship. This scholarship does suit well for students with good finances family. It is because you still have to pay some fees for the contribution. So, this scholarship provides paid facilities based on your needs.

Where Does It From?

Then where do you get the scholarship from? It is the next step in knowing what is scholarship. You don’t always to find scholarship from universities. There are still many sources like foundation, individual, or business. You can get it nationally or internationally according to your wish. But if you want to develop yourself more, I suggest you to take study out from your country. There is information about preparation to get international scholarship to support you in understanding what is scholarship?.

The Different in Cost Allocation

Cost allocation is the next thing to know in understanding what is scholarship?. There are some scholarships which give all the cost to cover your study at the beginning you get it. But there are also which give the cost in the middle of semester during your study. So, be smart in choosing the scholarship.