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Copywriting Tips: Why You Should Use A Copywriter

Copywriting Tips: Why You Should Use A Copywriter

You’re in charge of an important communications project, one that will influence how you and your company are viewed by people who matter.

Let’s look at some of the things you need to arrange:

building a website

photography and illustrations


writing the content

Which of these would you take on yourself? My guess is it’s only the writing. You know you don’t have the right skills or experience for the others.

Now ask yourself a different question: which is most important for my project? Again, it’s the writing. It doesn’t matter if you have the sharpest website or the most original design, your project will fail if no one reads more than the opening line.

Why you need a copywriter

There are six compelling reasons why a copywriter will help your project succeed.

Thought. Good thinking is essential for good writing. A copywriter will help you think through what you want to achieve, work with you to define what your audience needs to know and then pull together an engaging story which will communicate your messages effectively.

Expertise. Once you have your story, you’ll need the right words to bring it to life. Your copywriter will choose words that connect with your audience and make them keen to read on.

If you have a web project, you’ll need another type of writing skill – a copywriter who knows how to write for both your audience and the search engines.

Experience. Your project is probably not something you do every day. Your copywriter, though, will have learned from many similar projects over the years, so you can benefit from his or her experience and get a better result.

Consistency. A good copywriter can easily adopt your company’s tone of voice, so your project reinforces your brand and fits in with the style of your other communications.

Extra resource. Big projects always seem to coincide with your busiest time of year. Your copywriter will relieve the pressure on you, leaving your free to focus on the million other things on your to-do list.

Value for money. Compare the total cost of your project with the cost for copywriting. For a project such as an annual report, you’ll find that creating the most important element – the words – requires a fraction of the overall cost. For any project, using a copywriter will save your time and generate a better return on your total investment.