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Everything They Tell You About SEO is Rubbish – One Trick to Rank Highly on the Search Engines

Everything They Tell You About SEO is Rubbish – One Trick to Rank Highly on the Search Engines

OK, lets look at how to rank a single page well on the search engines. For this example, I’m going to use a page on an existing website which has world cup ringtones and the term I’m ranking for is “world cup ringtones.” Now all the doubting Thomas’s out there will shout out that world cup ringtones is what we call a long tail search phrase and your correct. For those of you that don’t know that’s a search phrase which is very specific and doesn’t have much competition but its easier to build a site which ranks highly for a number of long tail keywords rather than trying to compete with something like “free ringtones” which Google has 16,500,000 links for.

So as Kevin Costner once said build it and they will come, so build the page and do some of the things the Seo sites tell you, so make sure the heading contains the term you want to rank highly for in my case “world cup ringtones”, include some nice text on there (search engines love text), make sure again your search phrase is in this text. You can tell if your page is relevant for your keywords if you have AdSense, if you look at the AdSense on my page its adverts for ringtones and for the world cup, perfect.

Next make sure Google knows about the site, upload a site map for your site and include in it the new page. Now comes the trick go to Google and search for a relevant search term one which you know there will be plenty of competition and high page ranking sites and search for your search term (also try it with the word directory on the end), check out the first few sites and you will see plenty of options to create links back to your page. Create either reciprocal or one way links leave it a few days and you will see your page start shooting up the search engines.

My page moved from nowhere up to 1st for my search phrase in about 2 weeks, proving all you need is quality links to get highly rated on Google, this is a much simpler method of driving traffic to your site than competing with the big boys for highly competitive words and it works, a site with a lot of individual pages that rank well for specific search terms can drive as much traffic as a big site targeting only its home page for a competitive keyword. To prove how well this works check out the page rank of my page its 3, my homepage on that site is only 2, I rest my case.