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Killers, Dolls And Search Engines, Oh My!

Killers, Dolls And Search Engines, Oh My!

Nowadays Landing page optimization companies are used for all things when it comes to businesses on the internet. These companies are all vying for attention like stuck up brats by using an SEO company to get the most young brats trying to gain the most attention, but by using an SEO company to get that attention.

There are rumors that a landing page optimization strategy was applied for one of the newest crazes in websites in that of serial killers fan pages. It seems every serial killer has a sophisticated site to gain your attention and at times money.

Prior to any search you might want to click the safe button on a search engine to avoid any bloody or useless sites. It must be set for every different search engine that you use. Your average web user is not aware that you can change these selections, which some companies prey on.

These new companies are using a properly employed landing page optimization strategy to win your business after they get your attention through an SEO company that has raised their public view; maybe you will end up buying a Ted Bundy doll. Yes, there is a string of serial killer dolls awaiting you. Somewhat luckily, most of these dolls are based on unreal persons, not real life. The most famous of these dolls that is displayed in Toys R Us stores, is the “Dexter” series from the Showtime TV show, that includes a real looking axe. So we can keep Barbie on the shelves, with her loyal eating disorder fans, but we cannot have a doll that is from a top rated and well scripted show. Let’s not forget that the “Dexter” dolls are high on one lone shelf out of view of any little ones, unlike Barbie’s entire aisle or two.

No matter what you want you can find it in most stores or online. It makes you long for the old days of the Jason doll or the simple fear derived just from a hockey mask. Who would have guessed that in a few years sites would be competing for your business over serial killer dolls? Now it seems you can purchase one of these dolls for any event.

Makes you uncertain as to where we will be as a nation in another 25 years. Maybe we can hire a good landing page optimization company or SEO company for the Dalai Lama or at least for the good of some type. Until then, make sure you know what you are looking for and use the safe search when in question.