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The 5 Best Copywriting Tips You Will Ever Find

The 5 Best Copywriting Tips You Will Ever Find

If you are looking to become a copywriter as a part-time job, or you are looking to write a sales letter for your own product or service then keep reading. Whether you have been writing a long time, or you are just getting started these 5 tips are worth their weight in gold. Read on to find out more.

Here are the 5 tips that will make your copywriting pull in more customers than you can possibly imagine, if done correctly:

1. You have to have a knock-em-dead headline. If you headline doesn’t pull the customer out of their dazed trance that most people face, then your marketing message will be completely ignored. You only have 2-3 seconds to grad the customer’s attention and then they will be gone to the next thing.

2. You have to use a lead that sucks the customer into the copy. The lead is used to get the prospect to keep reading. Each line of your copy is critical, but the lead will begin to answer the question that the headline posed in the reader’s mind.

3. You need to tell an entertaining story. When you tell a story that the prospect can relate to, they begin to put the product in their own hands. They can envision their lives with the product and start to use the emotional side of their decision-making process to decided whether or not they will buy.

4. Address all of the customer’s wants and concerns with bullets. If you take away all of the skeptical questions that the reader may have in his/her head and you can show all of the benefits of product ownership, you will be much closer to closing the sale with your sales letter. People are naturally skeptical and if you can address their concerns, you will be able to lower those barriers that keep them between you and the sale.

5. Use a call to action in your closing statement. Every sales letter needs to end with a close. Just like any good salesperson, you have to ask for the order in the end. If you don’t close the sale, you are allowing a completely warmed-up customer to walk away without taking any action. Ask the customer to enter their email address, push the order button, sign up for a contest, call an ‘800 number, or anything else that will move them towards the close. Without closing the customer there will be no sale and no business in the long run.