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5 Copywriting Tips For Beginners Most People Forget

5 Copywriting Tips For Beginners Most People Forget

These copywriting tips for beginners are not only for beginners, but also to help re-establish the basics even in the minds of more advanced copywriters.

It will be a very short and sweet one, since I’ve been crazy busy writing copy for clients.

So to make it short and sweet, here we go:

5 Copywriting Tips For Beginners To Help You INSTANTLY Write More Persuasive Copy:

1) Features vs. Benefits – This is one of the most important aspects you need to know as a copywriter. If you’re writing about the features of a product instead of the main benefits it’ll give you prospect, you’re copy is going to be weak… no matter what else you write about. Take something seemingly ordinary like a pen or pencil, and write out the top 10 benefits on 1 side and top 10 features on the other side. Here are 2 just to get you started.

Feature – Made of wood and lead.

Benefit – The wood helps you create a sharp tip for easier writing and the lead prevents breaking of the point.

Feature – 12 inches long

Benefit – You can use it multiple times without needing to replace it so you save money.

2) Write A Benefit Driven Headline – Most headlines suck. They really do. When first starting out, what you need to do is focus on stating the main benefit in your headline. You honestly don’t have to worry about writing a grand-slam piece of copy until you truly understand the thought process of your prospect and know how to break the rules a bit.

3) Write In Short, Concise Sentences – Another copywriting tip for beginners is to write sentences that are short, punchy, and to the point. If you notice you have a bunch of commas in your sentences, you may be able to break them up into shorter ones.

4) Include A P.S. in EVERYTHING – P.S.’s are probably the third most important part of a piece of copywriting (behind both the offer and the headline). Everybody reads them, so it’s essential that you drive home the main benefit of the product you’re selling again. In offline print, NEVER include the price. You might be able to get away with it sometimes when you’re online, but I honestly still wouldn’t recommend it. People love scanning straight to the bottom and if the price isn’t right – they’re gone.

5) Write In A Conversational Tone – This one is very important. Don’t pretend you’re writing to a group, pretend you’re writing to an individual person. After all, you are! Only 1 person reads you copy at a don’t gather a bunch of people in a group and have 1 person read it outloud to everybody, right? Picture a specific person you’re writing to… and start writing.

These copywriting tips for beginners should at least get you started on writing better copy. If you want more tips, just look around the blog for other posts and I’m sure you’ll find some gems in there that will make you a better copywriter.

Mastering the basics is essential if you want to become a better copywriter. If you want to be an amazing copywriter, the best piece of advice I can give you is to study copywriting tips for beginners until you get so sick of them you can’t stand to read them anymore. Then it’s time to move into more advanced copywriting tips and propel your writing to the next level.