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3 Steps to Writing About the Price in Your Sales

3 Steps to Writing About the Price in Your Sales

A lot of business owners feel uncomfortable when writing about the price in their sales page. This can make your sales copy seem awkward, embarrassed or even over assertive as you try and over-compensate for being bashful about the price you’re charging. If you’ve found writing about the price of your offer has become a sticking point, these 3 points should help you over the hurdle.

Write down your value to the customer

What most business owners forget when they’re writing their sales page, is their true value to the customer, and this has nothing to do with how long it takes you to offer your service, or how long it took you to develop your product. It has nothing to do with an hourly rate. It is all about the value you offer your customer. So, the first step is to include in your sales page what problem your product or service is solving for your customer. Then remind your customer how important is it for them to resolve this problem (hopefully it’s very important) and finally see if you can attribute a cost of your customer NOT solving their problem by taking up your service. This should give you confidence that the price you’re charging is worth it, and also demonstrate this to your reader.

Compare it to a similar product

One way of feeling more confident about the cost of your product is to compare it to the cost of a similar service. For example, if you’re offering a home study course, compare it to the cost of a weekend live event where you would teach the same material. Or if you are offering email coaching, compare it to the cost of one on one coaching in person. Remember, though it has to be something which gives similar results. Don’t just compare it to the cost of a randomly picked, more expensive item.

Remind them what they receive

After you have introduced the price, make sure you include a checklist or summary reminder of all the great things they are going to receive when they sign up for your offer. This reinforces the value of your product or service in your customer’s mind and makes the offer seem worth how much you are charging for it.