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8 Benefits of Online Learning as the Latest Learning Method

In recent years, online learning or e-learning methods have begun to be promoted by various groups. This method is considered to be an alternative for a more flexible and practical learning process and is preferred by the current generation of students. There are so many benefits of online learning, especially in terms of delivery which tends to be more attractive so as to increase interest in learning.

What is Online Learning?

Online learning is a teaching and learning process that utilizes the internet and digital media in delivering the material. The online learning method is considered closer to the current generation of students who are known to be very integrated with technology products. This is one form of digitalization in the world of education that has many benefits.

Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning is starting to become a trend in the digital era and can be used as an alternative to learning in many situations. Here are the benefits of online learning that you need to know. If you want learn ACCA, visit this website

Practical and flexible The first benefit of online learning is in terms of practicality. With online learning, interactions between teachers and students will be more practical because they do not have to travel to meet. In addition, there is no classroom as a place for formal learning. The teaching and learning process can take place anywhere as long as it is conducive and can help to focus. In addition, there is no need for extras such as the need to “dress up neatly” or “appear formally” so that it is more flexible.

A more suitable approach Online learning uses a technological approach that is more suitable for today’s learners than conservative methods of learning in the classroom. The delivery methods used in online learning classes are also generally a combination of formal and informal. You will more easily understand something that is conveyed in a way that is more in line with your “style”, right?

Enjoyable learning experiences Online learning has released learning items in the classroom such as teachers with markers and whiteboards, and students with notes and pens. You will get more interesting teaching with various media formats, be it photos, videos or audio. All of them will give you a more enjoyable learning experience.

More personal Some online learning techniques may use materials that are one-way, but many also provide two-way communication. Some online learning classes really connect students and teachers at the same time to be able to interact like in class, but in front of a screen. The teacher will directly provide learning materials and students will be able to directly ask and discuss it. In this way, online learning can be said to be more personal because both the teacher and the students actually have two-way interactions at one time.

Save time and money. In conventional two-hour learning, for example, it takes at least 3 hours for classes to start due to space shifts. Both teachers and students have to take the same journey time to reach the class used for learning. In addition, there are additional costs such as the procurement of books and photocopies of materials and so on. One of the other benefits of online learning is that it cuts all these expenses so that students and teachers only need to be connected to a screen and an internet connection.

Easy to document With conventional learning methods, students need to take notes or to make copies of the course material for themselves. Another way is to photocopy the material, but this method will require paper media so it is not very practical. Another benefit of online learning is using media that allows students to record and store the material provided in digital form. So that it can be easily accessed and studied again at a later date.

Environmentally friendly With reduced mobility, you have indirectly reduced the pollution caused by motorized vehicles. In addition, online learning does not require paper either for the provision of materials, questions or data collection. This of course has a positive impact on the environment because it reduces the consumption of paper made by destroying the environment and reduces the waste generated from its use.

Alternatives during social distancing The COVID-19 outbreak has forced us to limit social interactions to break the chain of spread, including the teaching and learning process in the classroom. However, education must continue, one of which is by utilizing an online learning system. With this system you and your teacher do not need to meet but the teaching and learning process can continue.