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Tips for Effective and Efficient Online Learning in a Pandemic Period

During pandemic times like now, not only parents do work from home, but students to students also learn from home. Of course, with the learning method at home due to the pandemic, we need an effective and efficient way of online learning. Because it is possible for everyone at a time like this, if they are at home they will be lying down.

When conditions are still normal, teaching and learning activities are often not conducive. Learning activities from home will certainly not be more conducive because there is no one like a teacher who controls learning activities directly.

But now even though learning activities are done at home, students must be able to position themselves to continue learning online effectively and efficiently. Here are some tips for you to learn online effectively.

Prepare a special room for online learning

The online study room has been connected, suddenly there are members of your family who interfere, it becomes one of the obstacles to online learning that is less effective. Make the atmosphere of the room in the house as quiet and comfortable as possible. Avoid studying online in bed because it makes you sleepy in the middle of online learning activities. If you have made your study room comfortable, your online learning activities will be more effective and efficient.

Create a consistent online study schedule

This is important for you to apply, especially if you are taking online learning while working. This is where your time management will be needed. Choose a study time that you can follow without disturbing your other activities. This must also be supported by the online study schedule that you follow. For that, you can arrange and look for a flexible online class schedule.

Make sure your internet is stable while studying online

Well, this is the most important! The internet network that is not smooth hinders the effectiveness of online learning. So before starting online learning, you must make sure your internet connection is good. That way, you will be more focused when studying online.

If your internet connection is unstable, ongoing online learning activities will be less effective. Make sure the Wi-fi network at home is smooth, or if you use a cellphone signal, make sure your quota is sufficient and the network is good.

Prepare drinks and snacks if needed

Provide mineral water and snacks to accompany online learning. prepare food and drinks so that you stay focused and don’t go back and forth when suddenly thirsty or hungry. Try to have mineral water and fruit ready, because during a pandemic you have to keep your health by consuming fruits. Avoid consuming unhealthy snacks, especially those containing MSG.

Finish studying online, make a summary of the learning evaluation

This is to measure the extent of your understanding, what new skills can be practiced, and what things are not fulfilled. If the evaluation stage has been carried out, make it a note to determine whether you need additional online learning classes or not, so that the online learning classes you take don’t end up in vain and you don’t get the knowledge.

Online and offline learning activities are certainly very different. Review of learning materials at the end of online learning is very necessary because the material delivered when learning online must be difficult to understand. Therefore, you must take the time to review and independently study online learning materials when they are finished.

So, those are the tips that you can do while studying online so that it is more effective and efficient. What about your version of online learning, you can use for getting tutor.