Copywriting Tips – Brevity

Copywriting Tips – Brevity

Let me start out by saying that the thread that inspired this article actually had nothing to do with copywriting and everything to do with marketing. However, when I thought about the topic, I realized that it could easily apply to copywriting as well. Let me start off by telling you a little something about the thread itself and then tell you how it applies to copywriting. I think you will get a lot out of this article.

I am sure you are familiar with Hemingway’s short story, “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” He said it was his best work and you can understand why. Those six little words tell a story that really hits home. You get the entire picture just from that.

Anyway, the thread asked the question, “If you had to sell somebody in just six words how to effectively market online, what would they be?” Some of the answers were brilliant. By the time I got to the thread, there was really nothing for me to add. But then it got me thinking about all these long sales letters. Do we really need to be so long winded all the time?

Personally, I’ve written sales letters that were less than a page and sold tons of product. Why? Why is it that I can be so brief and yet be so effective? Well, to be honest, in my case, there are two reasons. The main one is trust. When I promote to my list, they trust me. So I could pretty much send them a buy now button and a headline and they’d purchase. The second reason is because my products are not expensive, so they don’t need a lot of selling.

Even so, I have to believe it is possible to cut out some of the excess verbiage that I see is so many of the sales letters that I have read online. Who really cares that you discovered this amazing technique or secret while exploring the Swiss Alps? I sure as heck don’t. Can’t you just get to the point a little bit quicker without all the fluff that I am so sick of reading in salescopy?

Ultimately, it will come down to testing. When you create a sales letter, split test a shorter copy against a longer copy and see which one converts better. You may be surprised at the results. It’s not always going to be the long copy that wins.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim.…

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5 Most Popular IT Skills Companies Are Chasing For

5 Most Popular IT Skills Companies Are Chasing For. Jobs in the IT ( Information Technology ) field are now being hunted by many companies. If you want to explore a career in IT, you need to increase your skills and knowledge that are more related to the latest technology. Whether in the form of technology related to networks, programs, and so on.

Here are five of the most popular jobs in the IT field that many companies require. What are they? Check out the reviews below.

1. Programmer
Programmers are currently the most sought after. Because the task of a programmer is to design a program. So a programmer is an important component within the scope of corporate organizations that use IT technology as standardization.

2. Network Engineer
Network engineer is a job working in the world of networking. This work focuses more on the network systems that make up the communication system within the corporate organization. In his duties, a Network Engineer is required to be able to handle network or network problems, both in terms of maintenance to troubleshoot.

3. IT Support
For this type of work, general skills related to software, networking, and PC troubleshooting are required. So that within the scope of this work, an IT Support is required to be able to know the basics of all IT fields and divisions related to technical repair and handling.

4. Database Administrator
Database Administrator is a type of job in IT related to the database used in the program that has been planned. In this job, a Database Administrator is required to be able to maintain, maintain, and back up the existing databases in a system.

5. Security Engineer
This expertise is also very much needed in the scope of companies that use IT standardization. Because the job of a Security Engineer has a very heavy responsibility.

Because they are required to be able to design, build, and maintain the security system used in the system to be built.

If your company need one of them, you can find in this IT recruitment agency

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Freelance Copywriting Tips – Knowing Where To Begin

Freelance Copywriting Tips – Knowing Where To Begin

If you are interested in the exciting career of freelance copywriting and are curious about knowing where to start, then you absolutely want to read this article.

Over the next few minutes I’ll discuss the five key tips that all freelance copywriting experts know. Firstly, we’ll start out with the importance of making a list of your benefits and features first, understanding your visitors, creating a USP, how to best approach your audience, and lastly making a sound plan before you start.

1 – Freelance copywriting tip – Creating a list of benefits and features first:

Almost all freelance copywriting experts understand the importance of writing down a huge list of benefits before actually starting to write their sales letter. The more you have to work with at the beginning the easier your job will be when writing your copy. Additionally, this will give you time to dig up all of the diamonds in the rough, so that you don’t miss anything.

2 – The importance of knowing what your visitor wants:

It’s very important that you take time to plan out how you want your visitors to move around your website. It might not make sense to try to sell to your visitors initially; this happens more for sales letters targeting high-priced items or something that may be difficult to explain the first time around. If this is the case it’s better to focus your sales letter on trying to get them to contact you or sign-up to your list.

3 – Freelance copywriting tip – Crafting your unique selling proposition (USP):

Having a USP will distinguish the difference between your offer and the offer of your competition. It can simply be your bonuses, your way of business, or your guarantee. All successful businesses create USP’s that create a burning desire within their prospects. A perfect example of a great USP would be; “Made-to-order hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less guaranteed”. This is the USP of Domino’s Pizza, one the largest and most successful pizza chains in the world today.

4 – How to approach your audience:

If you ever become a freelance copywriting expert then you’re going to have to know the best way to approach your prospects. In some industries your potential client will respond better with an informative sales letter referred to as educational marketing. This will really come down to knowing the demographics of your prospects and giving them what they want.

5 – Make a plan before you start:

A common freelance copywriting mistake that a lot of beginning copywriters make is proper organization. Without proper organization you can get off topic or lose track of what to say next. Always make a short plan before your first draft; with time you’ll soon realize that even a basic outline will help you to not miss any important points.

So now you know the five key freelance copywriting tips to begin with when writing copy. By making a list of your benefits and features first, knowing what your visitors will want, understanding the best ways to approach your audience, creating a killer USP, and having strong organizational skills there is no reason for you to not have as many freelance copywriting jobs as you’ll need for the years to come.…

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3 Steps to Writing About the Price in Your Sales

3 Steps to Writing About the Price in Your Sales

A lot of business owners feel uncomfortable when writing about the price in their sales page. This can make your sales copy seem awkward, embarrassed or even over assertive as you try and over-compensate for being bashful about the price you’re charging. If you’ve found writing about the price of your offer has become a sticking point, these 3 points should help you over the hurdle.

Write down your value to the customer

What most business owners forget when they’re writing their sales page, is their true value to the customer, and this has nothing to do with how long it takes you to offer your service, or how long it took you to develop your product. It has nothing to do with an hourly rate. It is all about the value you offer your customer. So, the first step is to include in your sales page what problem your product or service is solving for your customer. Then remind your customer how important is it for them to resolve this problem (hopefully it’s very important) and finally see if you can attribute a cost of your customer NOT solving their problem by taking up your service. This should give you confidence that the price you’re charging is worth it, and also demonstrate this to your reader.

Compare it to a similar product

One way of feeling more confident about the cost of your product is to compare it to the cost of a similar service. For example, if you’re offering a home study course, compare it to the cost of a weekend live event where you would teach the same material. Or if you are offering email coaching, compare it to the cost of one on one coaching in person. Remember, though it has to be something which gives similar results. Don’t just compare it to the cost of a randomly picked, more expensive item.

Remind them what they receive

After you have introduced the price, make sure you include a checklist or summary reminder of all the great things they are going to receive when they sign up for your offer. This reinforces the value of your product or service in your customer’s mind and makes the offer seem worth how much you are charging for it.…

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How Copywriting Tips Can Help You Sell Online

How Copywriting Tips Can Help You Sell Online

Learning how to write is something most of us accomplish during our school years, but copywriting tips aren’t really something we pick up along the way. Writing promotional or advertising copy is not generally taught in school, and unless you have a marketing or advertising degree, you have probably not had any experience in this type of writing at all. The good news is that you have been subjected to persuasive copywriting all your life, in the online world, in print, and even on television and on radio.

So if you are trying to build an online business or just to use the Internet to promote an offline one, then here are a few copywriting tips that can help you achieve more success:

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself! The truth is that few people have any formal copywriting training at all, and as long as you are able to build enthusiasm for your product and you are conveying a message that is true, you are doing fine. You don’t need to do anything more than run your copy through a spell checker or even read it out loud to make sure it makes sense to you. Don’t try to write the next great American novel!

2. Some copywriting tips are aimed primarily at selling a product, and the best way to do that is to focus on the headline. By using an “action verb” in the headline, you will be better able to build excitement about what the product can do for a person. But remember, the promise that you make in the headline should be fully explained in the copy of the article or website.

3. Promise and then repeat. Good copy makes a promise to the reader that something remarkable and life-changing will happen when they buy or use the product. But the problem is that the reader has a very short memory, so repeat the promise again and again. The more often you tell them what a great deal they are getting and how much their life will be improved after using the product, the more you will sell.

4. Write with enthusiasm. Everyone loves someone who really believes in what they do or what they sell, and it is beneficial to you if you put that excitement in your copy. If you can, tell a true story about how the product changed your life or the lives of others, and that will help to convey just how important it is that the reader buy it, too.

Finally, the copywriting tips that you find online should also keep in mind the current world of SEO (search engine optimization). This means that your copy will need to be written with search engines in mind and how they recognize and categorize the information that you present. By choosing copywriting tips that are as up to date as possible, you will have a better chance of creating copy that is easy to read and also easy for the search engines to pick up, too.…

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New Conversion Rate Optimization Services Proven to Transform Website Visitors Into Repeat Customers

New Conversion Rate Optimization Services Proven to Transform Website Visitors Into Repeat Customers

Many online businesses solely focus on website marketing campaigns that deliver increased amounts of traffic to a website, such as:

* PPC Campaign Management

* Search Engine Optimization

* Social Media Marketing

* Optimized Press Releases

* Online Video Marketing

Generating increased website traffic is essential to the success of an online business but what must be realized is that attracting visitors to a website is only half the battle. No matter how successful your website marketing campaigns prove to be the bottom line is if your website is unable to convert those visitors into customers you will bleed profits and your return on investment will diminish.

“Companies that rely solely on website marketing techniques that drive traffic to their website are putting all their eggs in one basket that has a gaping hole in the bottom.”

We are proud to offer our clients a newly developed advanced methodology that capitalizes on all traffic that arrives on a website.

Through sophisticated landing page optimization techniques we are able to transform a website into a funnel that ushers traffic seamlessly from their point of entrance right through to the end goal which could be in the form of a sale, lead capture, membership / subscription sign up, etc.

The conversion optimization process will increase your conversion rate by 30%, 50%, 200%, 1000% or more. The website optimization process will also greatly enhance the overall usability of the website providing visitors with a much richer, more enjoyable experience that will help instill trust in your company and ensure that customers will continue to return to your website.

In order to achieve the highest conversion rate attainable a vast array of website variables must be perfected including:

* Navigation Structure

* Page Layout and Content

* Headlines

* Calls To Action

* Imagery

* Offers / Coupons

Every single website enhancement is rigorously tested through a systematic series of A-B split testing and/or multivariate testing. The various webpage layouts will continue to be analyzed until the precise combination that delivers the optimal conversion rate is determined.

The end result of a professional conversion rate optimization campaign conducted by our experts will be a dramatic increase in profits. Businesses will also achieve a maximum return on investment through any other form of website marketing strategies being utilized to drive traffic towards a website.…

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On Page Optimization – 3 Keys to SEO

On Page Optimization – 3 Keys to SEO

In today’s Information Age, businesses are adapting to modern methods of transacting business through the internet. Any business of significant standing requires a corresponding website offering all the relevant information about the enterprise, thus creating a marketing platform for boosting overall sales. A good website needs to go through a process of internet search engine optimization in order for it to have a competitive edge over other sites.

The process of web optimization requires adherence to certain guidelines including web designs standards. This means the website should conform to certain stipulations such as easy accessibility, being CSS based, search engine optimized and created with a standard structural language. An association known as W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium, in addition to other bodies that deal with standardization, defined these standards. The result of these agreed upon standards is enhanced access and interoperability of documents that are on the Internet.

The first thing that is noticed when anyone logs on to a website is the main graphic at the top of the home page which is known as the header. It may sometimes be referred to as the headline, heading masthead or banner. It is important for web users to get a good impression from the first image that they see and this is why the header needs to be appealing. A basic header usually consists of an image file which has the title of the website as well as a logo. The graphics used should be striking and animation may be used to add vibrancy. A high quality header adds esthetics and offers a competitive edge thus boosting the potential for sales.

Search engine optimization assists in building traffic on a website and in order to fend off any competition. The text that is used on the site needs to be altered in a certain way so that certain keywords have a prominence throughout the site. You can take advantage of the ALT tag for images, and make sure that you include a keyword in this text. Start with the header graphic, and make sure it’s ALT tag text includes important title, description and keywords, as this will be one of the first things the search engine spider will see. This will increase the number of times that key words appear in the text and this frequency can boost SEO optimization by the saturation of the keyword text. This should not, however, be overdone because most search engines have special analysis software that can detect sites that have overused that alternate text method in a bid to gain greater visibility on the Internet.

Entrepreneurs need to put all the above issues into perspective when coming up with a website or upgrading already existing sites. Businesses can achieve a great deal of publicity with the smart use of web related optimization techniques.…

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