Creative Writing for Kids

What Can You Do in Developing Creative Writing for Kids?

In this very modern age, we can’t control any sophistication of technology. Gadget becomes one of the examples that make kids are lazy to study. Well, you need to worry about this. Do not let them be addicted to the gadget from childhood. There are still useful activities they can do like writing. It’s a good strategy to broaden their insight. Creative writing for kids could be a good strategy to try. But as parents, you should know how to support them. Let them show their talent in creating story. Don’t you believe that the imagination of your children can be conveyed in writing?

Provide a Special Place to Write

In general, a writer spends time writing on tables or at coffee shops. They will find a comfortable place to spill everything they want to say. Then what about your child? You also need to think about the place where they can be creative. Therefore, give a special place that will make them comfortable. No need to use a table but can be adjusted to the conditions of the house. You can design it as adorable as possible so they enjoy to write.

Let Them Read Multiple Books in a Day

The next thing to support creative writing for kids is encourage them in reading. But this does not mean you let them read a book in a month. This can be circumvented by giving multiple books a day. This indeed sounds tiring for children. But the fact is from reading many books, we can write a long story. It doesn’t always book with hundreds of pages. By reading small books, it also can help them in adding insight. In addition, limit them in watching TV or video games so that they can focus on what they are writing.

Praise Them with Cute Words

After collecting knowledge as much as they can, you can start to praise them. There will definitely be a time when your child wants you to read their best work. Well, at this time, they certainly expect praise from you. But make different sentences that can make them even more excited. You can use characters from written stories to express your praise. This will give the impression that you are able to feel how the character exists. As an effect, your child will be very excited when you invite him to discuss about their writing. You can give questions that can encourage them to broaden their insight. That will indirectly make their brains more creative.

Supply with Online Writing Prompts or Books

Last step you should do in developing creative writing for kids is supply them with writing prompts. Every child has their own character in writing. Those who already has the “author’s blood” from birth, they might be so creative. But there will be a time when they run out of ideas. According to this case, you can help them by giving writing prompts. It’s very easy to get it anywhere, including the internet. But if you do restrict them in using the internet, you can replace it with books.…

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Professional Writing

Types of Professional Writing You Should Know

Are you aware that everyone is a writer? There are lots of work to be done by writing. Starting from replying emails, taking notes, assignments to research papers. But when it comes to the type, daily and professional writing are different. It’s because they have different goals. However, we will discuss about what are the types of professional writing. As we already know, writers are needed in this modern era. You can take advantage of this opportunity to become a more qualified one. But before that, you better know what types of writings below.

Creative Writing

Let’s start from the preferable type of writing called as Creative writing. As the name implies, this is a writing technique using creative ideas. If you want to take part in this type, you need to use some ways to find inspiration. Although it looks simpler, but it belongs to one of the types of professional writing. For those who take literary courses, you will definitely find this subject. Using simple sentences becomes a strategy that you must do. It purposes to make them don’t feel bored with what they read.

Copy/Content Writing

Have you ever heard about copy writing? This is a technique widely used by bloggers, marketing, and even business owners. No wonder this is another form of marketing that will help to increase your business customers. Writing this type requires expertise in increasing brand awareness. You must be able to attarct people in what you are offering. It’s because getting a broader audience or target market through writing are the main goals.

Academic Writing

It’s time to move on to the academic writing with more scientific techniques. It also belongs to one of the types of professional writing that is very fast growing. Usually people are interested in becoming freelancers for academic writing. If you already have passion on this you can try it. But you should start to learn how to combine scientific ideas and research well. Provide simple and understandable content so that they can enjoy it.

Technical Writing

There is another more difficult technique namely Technical writing. In this type, the writer must know how to make the discussion easier to present to the readers. There will be special languages ​​such as computer languages ​​that you should explain easier. This indeed sounds difficult because you must have qualified abilities. Most companies or large manufacturers need a freelance technical writer. If you have special expertise in a particular field as well as writing. You should try this technical writing.

Business Writing

Business writing is the last type you should know. You may already be very familiar with things like memos and e-mail. Yup, this is an example that belongs to informal business writing. Well, what about professional writing? You need to know that this includes several elements including business letters, presentations, project reports, and etc. For those who work in this field, you will focus on business communication and writing. Generally, there are several jobs such as making letters of recommendation from clients and resumes.…

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how to write a nonfiction book

Tips on How to Write a Nonfiction Book

Writing can actually be done by anyone. Not necessarily proficient in this field but anyone who wants. Beginners can also have the same opportunity if it has become a habit. But you still need to have broad insight. Whether it’s any genre including nonfiction, it needs to be balanced with good knowledge. You may look for the tips on how to write a nonfiction book right now. Yeah, this does indeed need to have clear details so that the text of the book is suitable for publication. Therefore, there is a lot of homework you must do before sending it to the publisher.

Compile Important Chapters

Making an introduction is not the only thing that can be done how to write a nonfiction book. We still have plenty of time to check other things such as contents and covers. Generally, the introduction has 1 to 2 chapters. And there’s one more important thing to do this month is closing. You really need to understand how to make conclusive conclusions from throughout the book,

Dividing in more detailed Sub-Chapters

After you have succeeded in making the important chapters, you still need to follow the next steps on how to write a nonfiction book. If you are surprised why this should be done, this is because writing is not for yourself. The reader is a very important element for publishing your book. So, you have to make your book interesting and make it easier for readers to understand the contents. Sub chapters are one of strategies that can be applied for this. Therefore, make this in detail from the relevant chapter.

Know about Paragraph Types

What’s next you should do on how to write a nonfiction book is know about paragraph types. This is a point that really must be considered. In addition, you must know many things such as how to make your writing flow naturally. No need to make sentences that are too long in each paragraph because it will be ineffective. There are also many types of paragraphs. For those who have learned about the process, you must be familiar with several kinds of paragraphs such as Deductive and Inductive. But whatever the type, you need to pay attention to the effectiveness of the sentence. Don’t try to make complicated writing because this is a nonfiction genre.

Re-Check each Part of the Book

The last thing you cannot ignore is the systematic presentation of the book. This is not much different when you make a research paper or thesis. You all already know what should be in your book. There are Preface, Table of Contents, Bibliography, and Index. All these aspects will be judged by the editorial team and the publisher. If you still don’t make it, they will reconsider whether your book is suitable for publication.

In addition to these four elements, there are other things that need to be considered. Thanks and attachments are two that you might forget. In writing a book, there may be people who contribute in it. Therefore, thank you is very valuable to be written in the book. As for the attachments, you can list things that we cannot fit in the book such as a map of the area.…

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Writing Strategies

Writing Strategies to Keep Readers Interested

When you watch movie at Cinema or wherever it is, you must have some thoughts about the story. Whether the genre, plot, and other aspects are interesting or not. This will automatically involve the audience to interpret. Well, this case is the same as when you read articles on a blog. You will read the whole writing and conclude the point. Off course it needs good writing strategies. If you are beginners, you really need more tips related to the strategies. Don’t let the readers confused about your contents by following some tips below.

Understand if the Opening Sentence is Very Decisive

Whether you are aware or not, the opening sentence will determine your next writing. You might can copy and paste, but the fact is we still need to think about the correlation of each sentence. This is the number one of writing strategies to be applied. If you can’t make an interesting introduction, this will be difficult for the next step. The readers will feel uncomfortable to read the next paragraph. Therefore, your first job is to create captivating introduction.

Tell where the Story Will Go

In line with the previous point, you should also tell where the story will go. Introduction is like your vacation plan. You must be understood where will you go and what will you find. It’s because your readers expect a good readability. This does need creativity to make this works well. Show them that you deliver the points clearly.

Invite as If the Reader is in Your Writing

What’s next can be so essential for writing strategies is creating persuasive sentences. Emotional connection is the next thing that needs attention. You should be smarter in analysing people who will read your writing. This is an important step to do if you want to get more readers. You should know what reasons why they want to read your article again. Commonly, the story that is easy to remember is one that presents a very persuasive way. Invite the reader as if they were in your writing. So, they will feel that the story is relatable and it will stick in their brain.

Always Enjoy what You are Writing

Enjoy what you are writing becomes the next strategy you can apply. This point seems to be often forgotten by many people. But it’s true that without enjoying every sentence, our writing will less than optimal. Without heart, the messages you want to convey will not permeate the readers. Make your content sparkle so that many people will read.

Timing is also Important

Which do you prefer between using the old story or the recent one. But whatever the choice, you must know how it will be received by readers today. Something that is very past can still be an interesting story when you can collaborate with new and relevant things.

After following some advices above, you must make sure that everything is going right. Don’t confuse the reader because it affects the whole content. So, make the writing as clear and simple as possible as said by a great writer named George Orwell.…

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Parents Advice How to Know Your Kids Skill

Most of parents want their kids to have a skill, whether naturally or by learning. But it cannot be obtained easily because not all kids have the same competence. Do you have a child who is still in her/his growing process? You should learn how to know your kids skill as soon as possible. It is actually not far different from the way you educate your children at home. But by knowing it early, you can develop your kids skill better. Now it’s the time for you to follow the steps how to know your kids skill below.

Observe Their Daily Activities

The easiest way how to know your kids skill is by observing their daily activities. Control their activities at school and home. But it is not easy to know your kids activities. You can ask them more about their school activities when they get a free time. While when they are at home, how to know your kids skill? You can observe the activities which they often do.

Watch the Hobby They Like

The next step how to know your kids skill is by watching the hobby they like. Notice their interest how to know your kids skill. If it is still difficult for you to know the actual hobby they like, you can give them some stuffs relate to sport, art, language or others. From that, you can understand which one is the most interest they like.

Give Them a Psychology Test

Psychology test is the next step that you can do to answer the question of how to know your kids skill. Although it doesn’t give the full answer of your kids skill, but you can learn well about your kids competence. From the psychology test, you can know are your kids more leads to their right or left brain. As we know that the left brain more focuses on the learning activities such as writing, talking, and analyzing. While for the right brain focuses on creativity, art, and music. You can  realize how to know your kids skill by learning their better competence.…

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How to Write a Novel Tips that You Should Try

For the people who already deal with literary works, it seems easy to write a novel. But for those who are in the first stage in writing, it will be more difficult. The complicated structures in writing maybe the reason why people don’t know where to start. But you can solve this problem of how to write a novel tips in here. It will not only focus on the boring structure discussion but also about the other things in making an effective writing. Check all the how to write a novel tips below.

Try to Think Differently for the Genre

Before starting your novel, you should make a preparation for what you will write later. It is because writing novel is very different with writing a short story. You must develop your idea well in creating a good long story. There are many genres available  but it is good for you to think differently in choosing the genre. Do not choose the common genre like romance. Try to use the other genre which attracts people to read or even discuss your novel. This is the number one of how to write a novel tips that you should follow.

Follow All the Components

As it is one of the reasons why people get difficulties in writing a novel, you still have to follow all the components in writing novel. It is because without following all the components, people who read your novel will not get point. That is why you must follow the number two of how to write a novel tips by putting all the components on your story.

Commonly, there are two characters which are protagonist and antagonist. You can tell about the characters physically for more detail. While for the other components such as point of view, problem, and resolution, you can decide by yourself in making a good plot.

Read Your Novel Again

After following all the components, you can move on to the  number three of how to write a novel. It is preferable because you can conclude by yourself does the story easy to read or not. If you want to be more sure about your novel, you can ask for the other people to read your unfinished novel. It is very useful for you in following about how to write a novel tips in here.

Edit the Less Part

After re-read the whole story, you can edit the part which needs improvement. It is necessary to do in realizing a good novel which is easy to follow and understand. So, editing is the last step of how to write a novel tips that you should follow.…

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Tips to Educate Children for Parents at Home

Because of the formal education, you cannot keep watch on your children for 24 hours. It also becomes the responsibility of the school to monitoring your children’s activity. But as the parents, you cannot be careless because you still need to educate them at home. Knowing the tips to educate children is one of the ways for you to make your children well-behave. If you are looking for the tips to educate children at home, you can take a look at them below.

Sharing and Discussion

Communication is very important to keep any relationship harmony. It is the same as your relationship with your children. You have to communicate with them frequently to make a good relationship. Sharing is one of the communication tricks  to educate your children at home. By sharing and discussing about all their activities, it will make them to be more open to you. Besides, sharing is beneficial to avoid miss understanding from both of you. This is the first tips to educate your children that you can do at home.

Help your Children to Solve their Homework

The next tips to educate your children to follow is help your children to solve their homework. It is very effective to educate your children to be not individualist. You can make a discussion on their homework by letting them to give their opinion about what you both are discussing. This is the second tips to educate children to be more cooperate with others.

Teach Them to be Responsible

Besides teaching your children to be not individualist, you also can teach them to be responsible. You can start it from the simple example such as making their bed and helping parents to prepare food for the family member. This is the third simple tips to educate children that may looks simple for you. But if is do frequently, it will become a positive habit for your children in the future.

Do not Discourage Them

The last tips to educate children at home to be remembered is do not discourage them. As the parents, you must support anything positive that your children do. It is because you are the listener of them at home. That is why you have to understand and do not discourage them. By following the last tips to educate children, it is very beneficial for you to avoid psychological issue on them.…

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