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Copywriting Tips – Five Tips to Write More Persuasive Copy

Copywriting Tips – Five Tips to Write More Persuasive Copy

Here are five simple, yet effective tips to help you write more persuasive copy.

Number One:

Always write “to” your reader and not “at” them. Your copy should relate well to your reader and speak their language. The more you know about your prospective market… their problems, fears and desires, the better your copy will relate to them.


Number Two:

Grab your readers’ attention right away! Whether you are writing a sales letter or a promotional email, you have little time to convince your readers’ to keep reading. That’s why it is so important that your headlines and subject lines captivate your readers and highlight the benefits of your product or service.


Number Three:

Use bullets that highlight benefits and not just features. Many readers’ will scan your copy rather than read it word for word. For this reason, it’s important you use short “bullets” that get right to the heart of the matter and tell the reader “what’s in it for them.”


Number Four:

Use time-tested persuasion tactics to boost response rates. While there are many things that can improve your response rates, two tactics have been proven to work again and again. First, you want to “remove risk” by offering a genuine satisfaction guarantee. Some marketers may want to shy away from this but the truth is, your customers are likely to get a refund if they complain to their credit card company anyway so you might as well offer a great guarantee. It eases concerns, removes a potential barrier and increases conversion rates. This is one of the most important copywriting tips.


In addition to this, anything you can do to add an element of “scarcity” to your offer will boost responsiveness as well. You might consider offering a limited number of items, running a sale with a definitive ending date or anything that can cause your readers to “lose out” if they don’t take action right away.


Number Five:

Make your “call to action” clear and obvious. This is where many marketers blow it! They write a pretty good piece of sales copy that highlights the benefits of the product and then they “chicken out” when it comes time to “ask for the sale.” Don’t make this mistake… make your calls-to-action clear and assertive. Don’t be afraid to “spell out” exactly what you would like the reader to do next!


Whatever you are trying to sell or promote, these five copywriting tips will help you write copy that will get read more often and make more sales!