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7 Top Tips For Editing Your Copy

7 Top Tips For Editing Your Copy

Writing your sales copy is only half the battle. The other half is editing it to make sure that you have included all the elements that it needs in order to be effective. Include all these elements, and you will make more sales.

Here’s what you need to do to get the most effective sales letter possible:

1. Read your copy out loud.

Reading your sales letter out loud will allow you to test the flow of your sales letter. You get to hear how it sounds, and a good flow will lead your reader from one point to the next. You will also find about 70 percent of your grammar mistakes, as well as a lot of your spelling errors as it requires you to slow down when you read. This one tip can go a long way towards helping you get your sales letter right so don’t skip it.

2. Proof your copy several times.

Read your copy more than one time. You can read it out loud first, and then each time you go through it, look for different things. Read for grammar, but don’t get too crazy about your grammar. You want your copy to be conversational, so it’s necessary to break some of the rules of grammar in order to get it right. Read for punctuation to make sure you have all the appropriate punctuation.

3. Read your copy from the customer’s perspective.

You want to connect with your potential customer. Otherwise, you have failed in your sales letter. Make sure you answer any questions your customer may have. Include plenty of headlines, bullet points, and explanations of everything. You don’t want to write down to your reader. At the same time, keep the language easy to read, as well as the formatting, because readers read 25 percent slower online. They are more likely to skim your sales letter than read the whole thing, so make it easy to read.

4. Stay away from copy by committee.

Although it doesn’t hurt to get other opinions on the copy, don’t have too many people look at it as you will end up with so many different opinions about how it should be written. It will only confuse you. Choose one or two people you trust and have them take a look at it. Consider their opinions and decide if it will make the copy better.

5. Get constructive and specific criticism.

When you have someone else look at your copy, then you will want to get them to be specific about what they think needs to be changed. Just telling you the copy is good or they like it won’t help you. Negative criticism won’t help you either. Your test reader should tell what is good about the copy and then show you how to make it more effective.

6. Avoid doing too many rewrites.

Eventually it’s time to stop rewriting. You reach a point where good is good enough. Avoid too many rewrites because you will never get your sales letter out to your readers because you are striving for perfection.

7. Test your copy.

If you have multiple versions of your sales letter, then consider testing them to see which one works the best. This will help you get the best sales letter to market your product. The more effective the sales letter, the more profits you will make. Isn’t that the goal of a great sales letter?