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How Do Search Engines Interpret Your Website?

How Do Search Engines Interpret Your Website?

Search engines are programmed to optimally utilize the data obtained by their algorithms in order to index web pages that are relevant for a certain keyword. Their goal is to provide Internet users with a list of top web pages in a timely manner. Therefore, if you want the website to be optimized properly, you should seek the help of search engine SEO service providers. Choosing one of the most experienced companies in this field will help improve the results of the optimization services and obtain a better ranking position for your web page.

An engine like Yahoo, Bing or Google does not see websites as people see them. Instead, engines give an overwhelming importance to text pages, without being ‘impressed’ by graphics at all. The database of search engines indexes pages by their content. This content is said to give 70% of relevancy of a web page, while the remaining 30% is given by optimizing your website through professional services.

It is easy to guess that the algorithms implemented in Google, Yahoo, MSN or Bing favour the web pages that contain important text because it is considered that these pages contain much more information. It is not known precisely how the algorithms evaluate the text, but they are likely to take into account the number of times a certain keyword appears in the content included in a web page.

Pages containing an impressive amount of text are more algorithm friendly, whereas users prefer a reasonable amount of interesting content that must be useful, well written and formatted in a way that makes it pleasant to read. Therefore, a professional SEO tea should help you establish the right balance between these two aspects, providing you with numerous advantages and information about web page optimization. Another aspect that should not be underestimated includes periodically updates for the site and the addition of new materials on a regular basis.

When writing text for a webpage, the search engine SEO team you choose should make sure the keywords and some of their variants are used properly. For example, a web page that deals with a web hosting topic should mainly contain the word “website”, but other variations such as “web page hosting” should not be ignored as well. Therefore, with the search engine SEO services from an experienced company, you will always enjoy the advantages provided to you and your business will start growing in a very short time.