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Monetize Your WordPress Install For Serious Cash

Monetize Your WordPress Install For Serious Cash

The internet is loaded with useful information in every subject imaginable. Most of this information was uploaded with intentions of offering it as a resource to anyone who needed it. This is what makes a search engine so powerful, it reads through all of the available data and delivers results relevant to your query. Basically, the search engine easily finds the information we seek.

So there has to be a way to translate that massive need into a way to make money. Well Google has done exactly that and simplified the process for the rest of us. Google sells targeted traffic to business owners. They generate this traffic through the millions of searches they receive each and every day. Google has such a large demand for traffic they are even willing to pay site owners for their traffic. This is where you, the site owner, steps into the picture.

Google pays website owners for traffic. This simple fact is the basis of many website owners revenue. Through Google’s advertising program, “AdSense,” website owners are paid for the traffic generated by their website. All that is required by the website owner is the installation of a code snippet to the website. These lines of code, or script does the rest for you. It is that simple.

Ads are automatically generated based on the content of your website. The traffic and clicks are recorded by Google and payouts are determined by the intervals you establish. Google has made this process very simple for you.

WordPress owners can benefit from increased ease of use when it comes to “AdSense” as the WordPress platform has built in functionality to allow your application to quickly integrate Google “AdSense” ads on every page of your website in seconds. Simply add a text widget to your primary or secondary side bar. This can be accessed from the admin panel on the main navigation on the left side of the page. Once you have activated a text widget to the sidebar, simply paste your Google “AdSense” code snippet into the text box offered by the widget. This adds the “AdSense” code to the WordPress template and thereby every page on the site.

There are some additional plug-ins for more advanced option of displaying Google “AdSense” and other ads on your WordPress blog, which can be found in the WordPress plugin repository but I suggest familiarizing yourself with the built in functionality before moving on to the advanced options.