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How to Give Your Copywriting a Boost

How to Give Your Copywriting a Boost

Today, copywriting is everywhere. We are bombarded with adverts in the street, on the radio, on the television, in newspapers and magazines, and on the internet. It seems as though everything we read today is trying to sell us something.

Therefore when you are writing sales copy, your message has to cut through all this background noise to grab your reader’s attention.

The information that follows isn’t a guarantee – it may not bring you untold riches or an avalanche of customers. But it will strengthen your writing and give you a greater chance of standing out from the crowd. You see, copywriting is all about maximising your chances of success in an overcrowded world.

Give your copywriting a boost

1. People love to read stories, so tell them one. Real life case studies of people already using your product are worth their weight in gold. You can really go to town telling how they have benefited from buying your product.

2. Use your customers for market research. Rather than guess what they want, ask them. This insight into their thoughts and behaviours will help you not only market more efficiently, but it may also lead to ways of improving your product to make it appeal to even more people.

3. When writing your website copy, use bold and italic fonts to draw attention to important key words. This makes it easy for readers to scan your copy to find the information they need.

4. Once you’ve finally got them to your order page, give them plenty of options. Not everyone likes to complete faceless order forms. Some people prefer to pick up the phone and speak to a real person so make sure you offer a choice for everyone.

5. When you are creating your website, make sure it’s built with your reader in mind. It may well be there to market your company, but it must be user friendly. Make sure you design it for your customers and not for you.

6. To boost your sales why not limit your offers. Quote a price that’s only available for a certain period of time, limit stock as scarcity will make people act. Perhaps consider giving a free trial or money back guarantee. Any of these will help your reader reach that buying decision quicker.

These 6 points are a great way to kick start your copywriting. No matter what you are writing for (whether on or off line), you can use all of these points to strengthen your marketing message.

Copywriters aren’t magicians, they just know how to use a few copywriting secrets to get people to buy.