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SEO Errors You Should Avoid

SEO Errors You Should Avoid

There are a number of websites with badly done SEO. The most common being a poorly written SEO Meta data. Though most of the leading search engines do not attach that amount of importance to Meta data but that does not imply that you completely ignore it while doing your on page optimization.

Ignoring this aspect totally might make your SEO campaign a faulty one. These mistakes are often committed by people who are new in the field of SEO. Here are some frequently committed SEO errors that you should avoid.

Forgetting the Meta Description: The most common mistake is forgetting to add a Meta description altogether. If this happens, the search engines will add a section of the content from your web page which is usually not a concise summary of your site. Moreover, the search engines will also delete any additional text which is over 150 characters, leaving it haphazard. It will not give the visitor a clear idea of your website.

Make sure you don’t forget to add a crisp description that incites the curiosity of the visitors and encourages them to click on your website. Remember that the main purpose of a Meta description is to describe what your web page is all about so that users click on your link and find out more.

Not Optimizing Content for Keywords: Many of the so-called SEO companies do not properly optimize content for the chosen set of keywords. The common error done is stuffing your content with too many keywords which is against the current SEO guideline. Presently, your content must not include keywords over 2 percent of your web content. Say for instance your web page is of 600 words, your keywords should be 2 percent of 600 words.

Similarly, keywords should be included in the H1, H2 and H3 tags, the clickable text portion of hyperlinks and also your keywords be highlighted in bold in your content.

Stuffing Description with Keywords: Another common blunder made by an unprofessional SEO company India is stuffing the Meta description with keywords. Remember to keep your description limited to 20 words at the most and avoid stuffing it with keywords. Use the keyword only twice in the Meta description. Use of fewer keywords is easier to read and the visitors are more inclined to click on such links.

Web Address in the Title Tag: Many of the amateurish SEO companies tend to add your web address in the title tag. What your title tag should include is the right keyword and not the stuffing of keywords. Forgetting to add the company name is another SEO error. Try and include the name of your company at the end. Do not make the error of writing the title tag of more than 60 characters.

Inappropriate Image Descriptions: Hire a professional SEO services company to avoid imprecise image descriptions. There are websites where you will find keyword stuffing in the image descriptions. It will do you no good and only affect your page ranking adversely, if the keywords are used excessively.

SEO is not rocket science. Just keep to the simple SEO guidelines and you won’t regret!