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Off Page Optimization Strategy

Off Page Optimization Strategy

The bulk of your seo, eighty percent, comes down to your off page optimization. Google is all about other people saying ‘He’s about wine supplies.’ It’s important to get this right, but you’ll get greater return by spending your time getting off page optimisation.

Now we’ll talk about off page optimisation. We have a website we are trying to rank for wine supplies. Off page optimisation is all about what people are saying about you. What determines what other people are saying about you is the links and words that other people are using when they link to you. Off page optimisation is all about getting links to your page. You want as many links pointing to your page as possible that contain the keyword that you’re optimising for.

We need to think of strategies to get those inbound links. Some links have more value than other links. For example, a link from Dan Murphy’, a wine seller in Australia, to our website saying wine supplies, is going to be worth more because they’ll have other people sending links to them. They have more power than other smaller websites with much fewer links. There are different ways to get these links. Let’s go through some of these ways.

But before that, we will talk about sending the links. We try to replicate what happens in nature. It is not natural to have every link point to this website saying wine supplies. When we think of Dan Murphy’s, every link pointing to Dan Murphy’s isn’t going to be saying cheap wines online. What is natural is for people to link with a variety of keywords and also to link to the url. That’s where a lot of people go wrong. You want to make sure you send links to this site with your url because that’s how people think naturally when they post links on their blogs. They might link with the fully resolved url (the domain name) and that will be their link.

Anchor text is the text that is used in the link itself. We could have a link on a website saying wine supplies, and it’s selected through the anchor text. Even though it is wine supplies, that will link through to the specific page which might be the full url I was talking about. It’s also important to have links that link the anchor text, being yourdomain name. You would also link some of your secondary keywords. You would probably look at seventy percent as your keyword, so seventy percent as winesupplies. You then want to look at twenty percent to be your url, and then look at ten percent for variations. This forms the basis of your off page optimization strategy.