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Search Engine Optimization Tips For WordPress

Search Engine Optimization Tips For WordPress

There are two types of people who design blog sites. The first type is people who feel they have something to say and build a site around this concept. These sites are sometimes boring, sometimes witty, sometimes informational, but never profitable for those trying to make money online using keywords. The second type understands exactly what the purpose of the site is and decides to invest time in search engine optimization.


One of the most used programs for blogger blogs is WordPress because of its customizable options. When using this program, there are certain things you can do to help increase your traffic and page ranking.


One of the first things that a person should do after choosing their theme is to go into settings and change their information to match their chosen keyword. Also, people forget to change their permalinks and their site listings become just a bunch of numbers. By simple changing to the option of date and name, you will significantly enhance the chances of your pages getting ranked.


Next, there are several plug-ins that will help with search engine optimization. The first is called SEO-All-In-One and will help with choosing the proper labels and keywords for each of your sites pages. The second is called Askimet and this helps organize and protect you from spam that tries to build up on your site. Lastly, there are several cloaking plug-ins and software programs that you can buy to keep a track of sticky notes and links that you wish not to be followed. These types of links can affect the way crawlers look at your site and you want these bots to have a nice smooth ride through all you links.


Whenever working with keywords and tags, always remember to mix up the way you announce your site. If you have a site on “hairy cat tips”, you would want to change the words around in various ways like – tips for hairy cats, cat hair tips, furry cat tips, and tips for furry cats.


It is always a good idea to build strong meaningful links along with search engine optimization to make sure your site maintains a proper ranking and authority. There are too many link building sites that offer to build up your blog site, but beware for these might actually be more harmful in the long run as sites like Google constantly update their algorithms to weed out this type of traffic.