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Sales Letter Tactics – Create a Club

Sales Letter Tactics – Create a Club

People are social by nature. We all like to feel like we belong somewhere – that we are part of something. You can create a feeling of community with your prospects by using inclusive language that bonds you together. Focus on using ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ whenever possible. Use phrases like ‘people like us’ that subtly builds the sense that you and your reader are on the same team.

Another thing that creates a strong sense of being an ‘insider’ to an exclusive group is to develop your own secret language that outsiders don’t understand. Think of the last time you listened to a group of teenagers talking. Did you have any idea what they were talking about? Developing a ‘secret’ insider’s language that keeps out older folks is a rite of passage with young people.

So, develop your own jargon and introduce it to your audience. Every time they hear you speak or get a message from you, their position as an insider will be re-enforced. Then, your position as the leader of their new peer group will give you massive influence.

To see how this works in action, let me give you an excellent example. Matt Levenhagen teaches a process called ‘Campaign Blasting’ that shows marketers how to use Pay-Per-Click advertising to quickly find profitable niches to promote and sell products in. Eight paragraphs into the sales letter he says this:

“…Those who learn and practice this method are called “Blasters”.”

BAM! In one sentence Matt defines a new term for followers of his methods: “Blasters.” Now everyone who follows his course will be walking around talking about how ‘blasters like us’ are ‘blasting some new niches’, etc. As they talk to other marketers on their blogs and in forums they’ll use this new word which will cause people to ask the question, “what’s blasting?” (This will naturally lead to a customer generated ‘sales pitch’ for Campaign Blasting.)

Even folks who just want to be on the ‘inside’ will start using the lingo to blend in with the group.

The rest of the sales letter goes on to paint a very clear picture of what being a ‘blaster’ is all about and the success people achieve as a result of becoming ‘blasters.’ It’s a group most people would be happy to be a part of. Brilliant and very successful copy.