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Self Hosted WordPress

Self Hosted WordPress

Many paid web hosts include WordPress for free in their hosting plans and installation is easy. It is very easy to set up with the click of a button if you select a professional WordPress web hosting provider.

Free Hosted WordPress

Free hosted WordPress is very easy to set up as well and you can be online within a few minutes. The package comes with a sub domain of your choice (if available) and updates are performed automatically. Advantages are: It’s 100% free, updates are automatic, and it offers a very easy setup and use. Disadvantages however are: Lower rankings in Google and other search engines, unprofessional impression if your free blog is supposed to represent an online business, you can only use a sub domain, limited features, programming not allowed, limited disk space, limited bandwidth and a limited design choice.

Self Hosted WordPress

Many inexpensive web hosting providers offer “self hosted” WordPress for free and you can install this content management system very easily with the click of a button. The advantage is that you are now in full control over every single aspect of your blog. Here are more details: Your blog will enjoy higher rankings in Google and other search engines, it will give a professional impression to visitors, you can buy your own domain name which should include your most important keywords, company name or brand name, unlimited programming is allowed, and of course you’ll have an unlimited choice of designs. An additional advantage is that many of these web hosting firms offer features like unlimited disk space, bandwidth and domain names.

Where to find a good WordPress host

Well, finding one is easy but finding a reliable WordPress web host is a different story. I mean, how can you know in advance that you’re dealing with a reliable company? I think the best thing you could do is to read online reviews and customer testimonials about WordPress we hosting providers and once you have made your final decision, ask the company some difficult questions before signing up. For instance you could ask customer support or live chat what their uptime is, how fast their web servers are, what the quality and response time is of their technical support representatives and, last but not least, if they make a daily backup of your WordPress blog. This backup should be created on a separated web server otherwise it won’t help you when the server that is hosting your WodPress blog, crashes. I wish you good luck with your “self hosted WordPress” plans and, if WordPress is not your preferred choice, with your web hosting adventures in general!