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Search Engine Optimization Advantage

Search Engine Optimization Advantage

The quest to acquire a search engine optimization advantage is at an all time high. When looking to gain this advantage you may be overwhelmed with the amount of information available. This article is designed to give you the key aspects of getting a search engine optimization advantage. 

On Page Optimization

Links going to your website 

Yes it is not rocket science. You only need to look at 2 factors to make the search engines like your website. 

The first is referred to as on page optimization. This is the easiest because these are the things you have direct control over. This is the short list of what is the most important. 

Have a domain name that describes your site. You will have a hard time getting your site to rank high for baby diapers if the domain name is

Title of your Website: Your title should be a direct reflection of what you are trying to be recognized for. Many sites that use the word home or the Company name will not do well. An example: Johnny’s Place may be the name of your business but tells the search engine nothing about what Johnny’s Place does.

These 2 items are the biggest factors that you have direct control over. Using the right domain name and title for your site is a must to succeed on the internet today. 

Off page search engine optimization is a tougher nut to crack. This is based on having links on other websites that point to your website. If these links are on popular sites or sites with high page rank that is even better. 

The problem most people face in this task is that we do not know 100 people who have popular websites that want to put a link to our website on theirs. You can achieve getting these links in several other manners. Here is a list of what you can do. 

Submit your site to online directories. This is easy but if it is not a high powered directory it can be a waste of time and money if you are paying for this service.

You can join forums and write comments. In your signature you can put a link to your website. This should be hypertext, Hypertext are words often in blue that are highlighted you can click on. Your hypertext should be your keyword.

Blogging: You can find blogs that are comment friendly or do follow blogs and post comments. You are asked for your site name when you comment and this can give you a link.

Social Bookmarking: This by far is the easiest and fastest way to get a link from a popular site with high page rank. The problem is you can only submit your site one time.  All of this can be overwhelming and very time consuming in trying to gain a search engine optimization advantage. 

I currently subscribe to a service that helps me build links to high popular sites very fast and easy. The part about this service is I only bookmark my site once. I spend about an hour a week bookmarking other peoples sites while in turn they bookmark mine.