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Why Hire a Professional Human Resources?

Is your company small and, therefore, does not have a human resources (HR) department to handle the hiring, training and development of workers? In this case, consider having at least one specialized Human Resources executive search.

Not having a single person in the area can slow growth and generate conflicts that, otherwise, would be easy to solve or prevent. Do you want to avoid these problems and renew the processes of your company? Find out below the benefits that this investment can bring to the company.

The importance of the HR professional

The presence of an HR professional in the team is essential to value the human capital of the company and make the most of the potential of the collaborators. He is the one who performs important people management activities: he is responsible for carrying out a good hiring process; motivate and engage workers; and strategically plan new hires, for example.

In the book Organizational Success Through Effective Human Resources Management , Ronald Sims explains that the way in which employees contribute effectively to organizational objectives depends, to a large extent, on the ability of the team in its human resource management.

From there, it is possible to perceive that companies that hire an HR department bet on the value that employees can add to the business. According to the author, the challenge is to create an organizational environment in which each employee can grow and develop to their fullest extent. For Sims, this increases the likelihood of success for an organization.

Three reasons to hire an HR professional

As you can see, hiring an HR professional contributes to the growth and success of the company, mainly due to the better use of the workers’ potential. But, in practice, how to perceive this? Learn about three benefits provided by the human resources department.

Talent retention

Currently, retaining talent is a great challenge for companies. Keeping qualified professionals on staff depends not only on good pay, but also on a set of human resource practices that employees value, such as constant feedback and dialogue.

Therefore, invest in a professional to develop an action plan that values employees helps the company retain good professionals, which also reduces the financial expenses in hiring new workers.


Increased productivity is another benefit of hiring an HR professional, as it facilitates the creation of an employee appreciation strategy. Actions with the objective of motivating, engaging and training workers provide greater efficiency at work , generating greater benefits for the business.

Less turnover

High rates of staff turnover, also known as turnover, can be detrimental to the company, as they indicate that management is not doing well. As a result, frequent layoffs and hires generate expenses that could be avoided with employee retention.

For this reason, a trained HR professional is essential to the company. By improving hiring processes, directing actions to employees and renewing management, the turnover rate is lower and expenses are reduced.

All the points we mentioned help to value workers, which is good for both parties : On the one hand, the business benefits from productivity and talent retention. On the other hand, employees are motivated to stay in their positions and have the opportunity to grow.

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