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Before we discuss about writing content for SEO, we have to understand first what is SEO itself?. SEO is search engine optimization. It has work to optimize the search engine or in simple word, if you work as a SEO, your job is to optimize the search engine. The purpose of SEO itself is to help your website appears at the top when people search the keyword they are looking for. That is why the quality of your content is important. Writing content for SEO is different with writing content for other works like article in general. We cannot make it as we like. We have to pay attention about the structures.


Before start writing content for SEO, we have to think about the focus on our writing. For example what is the point that you want to show or does it clear enough for the viewers?. The very important thing that we must do is choosing the clear keyword. Because the more obvious your keyword, the more people are interested to read it. According to this reason, make sure that your keyword is not confusing when people read it.


As we discuss before, writing content for SEO is different, we have to follow the format correctly. Firstly, it has to contain of minimum 300 words. If it is more than 300 words, it is much better. The other format is pay attention to the headline. If you want to get many viewers, you have to make interesting headline. The choosing of picture is also can make your content becomes more interesting. It is because it can attract the viewer’s eyes. The other is adding the internal and the external link. Link is very important for our content. The internal helps your viewers see your other materials, while the external link helps you to make your material is credible because it connects with the Google and the other search engine.


The purpose of writing content for SEO is helping your content or website gets more viewers or visitors. Of course it will be more beneficial for your business. It helps you earning more cost.