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10 Important On Page Optimization Factors

10 Important On Page Optimization Factors

On page optimization plays a major role in determining your search engine rankings and the success of your SEO campaign. This should be done with utter care and accuracy so that your do not lag behind your competitors in search rankings. There are various on page optimization factors that influence your search positions and I have listed 10 important of them in this post. Just have a lot at them.

1) Optimizing the Title Tag and Meta Tags This the the top most important on page optimization factor for getting better SEO results. Properly optimizing the Title and meta tags of a website and its pages would surely help you in getting better rankings in search engine result pages.

2) Optimizing the Web Page Content for Targeted Keywords This is another major part of the on-page SEO activities and if this is done properly your are supposed to be on the right track towards a better search engine visibility. If your web page content is not intelligently targeted for your main keywords, half of your SEO efforts would be in vain. Also try to use H1 for your page headings with the major keywords incorporated within the headings.

3) Sitemaps A website should contain a regular sitemap plus an XML for better search engine indexing. The regular sitemap should be present on all the pages and an XML sitemap should be placed on the root of the website.

4) Internal Linking Internal linking is another on page activity that we can do to increase our SE rankings. While doing internal linking make sure to use the important keywords in the content as the anchor text.

5) SEO friendly URL structure SEO friendly URL can enhance your search engine positions and hence it is wise to optimize your URL / inner URLs with your major keywords. For example, if you have a site with “web analytics” as one of your major keywords, it is better to have an inner page such as rather than or anything similar to this.

6) Optimizing the Images Image optimization plays an important role in any SEO campaign and it is mandatory to optimize images with your target keywords (keep in mind that the images should be relevant to the keywords).

7) Search Engine Friendly Site Navigation. The site navigation should be simple and search engine friendly. The site navigation should be such that search engines should feel comfortable while browsing your site. In short make your site architecture less confusing and clean by avoiding unwanted scripts and unidentified codes.

8) Error Free HTML Code HTML codes of your websites should be validated and made error free for better SE rankings. A code with lot of errors would make the life of spiders more difficult in crawling the page and site.

9) Well Written File should be carefully written so that it should allow the search engine crawlers to crawl necessary files and folders. On the other unwanted files and folders should be blocked for the spiders with file.

10) Free From Black Hat Elements The site should be free from black hat elements such as cloaking, hidden text, cunning redirects, keyword stuffing etc. If found by the search engine your site may get banned from their listings.