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How to Plan a Search Engine Optimization Campaign

How to Plan a Search Engine Optimization Campaign

You need to do search engine optimization of your website in order to boost its rankings in all major search engines. However, to get expected results you need to plan your SEO campaigns wisely. A well-planned SEO campaign can do wonders for your website. However, lack of proper planning can result in disasters or failure of your SEO campaigns.

Planning SEO Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization of a website involves two important things: On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. On-Page optimization helps in making a website search engine friendly whereas off-page optimizations deals with all web promotion activities.

Website Analysis – Before you begin execution of your SEO campaign, you need to analyze the website and its all aspects properly. You need to do a thorough research of website niche business, customer segments, and competitors in its niche business. It helps in making a perfect plan for website optimization.

Keyword Analysis – Right keywords are the key to success of every Search Engine Optimization campaign. Therefore, you need to select the keywords very carefully. Check the search volume of keywords, effectiveness of current search results for particular keywords, and probability of using those keywords from end user’s point of view. Experts also recommend taking help of Worktracker and Google Keyword Research tool for better keyword analysis.

SEO Action Plan – Once the process of website and keywords analysis are over, you need to make an SEO action plan. It includes number of actions that you are going to implement periodically. That is number of directory submissions, article submissions, search engine submissions, and all other off-page activities like PR distribution and Forums posting.

Yes, it is very important to follow the action plan. Doing a lot of work in one week and sitting idle for next couple of days will not result expected success. Therefore, you need to fix the amount of work that you will do daily/weekly/monthly for a website. After sometime, you also need to track the progress using a good website analytics tool (like Google Analytics/Urchin).

Aforementioned suggestions are essential pre-requisites for every SEO campaigns. Without it, you cannot expect getting desired level of success in search engine optimization of a website. Well, if you are not having enough knowledge of experience of doing SEO of a website, you can hire any of the affordable SEO companies, who will optimize your website.