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5 Email Copywriting Guidelines

5 Email Copywriting Guidelines

In this article, I’m going to share five email copywriting tips that won’t merely entice your readers to open and read your emails, but persuade them to click on your links as well.

1. Start off your email by using a personal salutation.

Starting with a salutation which says “Dear John Smith” – a salutation that large companies make use of when mailing business letters – will only make your email appear stiff and impersonal. You can establish a better relationship with your readers if you start out with “Hi John” or “Hey John”. This will enable you to connect with your subscribers on a much more personal level.

2. Write in a conversational tone.

Write as if you are writing to a buddy. “I’m emailing you in relation to” and “In relation to our impending appointment” sound stuffy and pretentious, so refrain from using them. The best way to determine whether you’re taking a friendly tone in your e-mail is to read it back to yourself as soon as you?�re done writing. If it does not seem like the way you would generally chat with friends, then rewrite it so that it will sound more conversational.

3. Remember to keep your email short and direct to the point.

We currently are now living in a microwave society where most people?�s attention span is substantially shorter. People do not have the time to go through lengthy e-mails, so keep them short and straight to the point.

Use 2-3 line paragraphs, if you can. Long-winded paragraphs may easily lose the attention of your readers, causing them to quit reading your email.

4. Plainly state what you wish the reader to accomplish.

Whilst a lot of individuals make the error of writing e-mails that ask their readers to do multiple different things, others send out e-mails that don’t ask them to do anything at all. This will cause readers to wonder why they bothered to read the email at all.

Do use a definite call to action. A call to action can be to contact you, respond to your email, or even simply click a link to your website and buy something. Tell them precisely what you would like them to do instead of just leaving it to their imagination.

If you would like the reader to click on a link, for example, place your link at the start and at the end of your message.

5. Always send plain text emails instead of HTML emails.

Stay away from sending HTML emails as many of the most widely used email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail block images unless the reader clicks a particular button. A lot of people miss that button, making your message unreadable.

Plain text emails, conversely, can always be read. They are easy and simple to make, and they have a greater chance of getting read as compared to HTML emails.

Keep all these email copywriting tips in mind when preparing emails to get the most from your email marketing campaigns.