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Beginners Quick-Start SEO Guide

Beginners Quick-Start SEO Guide

Say you’re new to seo and you’ve got a web site and you want to drive traffic to your site from the search engines. Where do you start?

Well, I would recommend you subscribe for free to and download my free 50-page Beginner’s guide to SEO. But if you want the condensed version, here goes.

The seoFool’s Quick-Start Guide to SEO

Step One: Head over to the free Google Keyword Tool and build a list of the 50 most relevant search terms that revolve around your web site.

Step Two: Create a web page on your site for each of those keywords, name the page where the keyword is the actual keyword from step one. Write an article that includes or revolves around that specific keyword

Step Three: Use the specific keyword for each page in the Title Tag of your page followed by some natural filler words to fill out a sentence, then a vertical pipe ( | ) then your site URL. Ie: (title)keyword, filler filler filler | (/title)

Step Four: Use the keyword in your site’s Meta Description Tag followed by 150-ish characters of text that would pull a reader into your site. Meta Description Tags are often listed in the SERPS so treat them like mini-headlines.

Step Five: Start building backlinks to your web site. Don’t “buy” backlinks because the search engines hate that. Instead build legitimate backlinks using a number of methods such as link bait, relevant forum posting (don’t post just for links, but contribute to the communities hosting the forums), etc.

Step Six: Create a free Google Analytics account to monitor your traffic progress and a free Google Webmaster Tools account to monitor the indexing health of your site.

Obviously there is a lot more detail involved in any SEO effort, but the above steps are a quick and dirty overview of what you can do as an SEO beginner to get ahead of the curve.