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Copywriting Tips: Choosing Your Direction

Copywriting Tips: Choosing Your Direction

In 1904, ad man John E. Kennedy said, “Copywriting is salesmanship in print.” Today, whether you are advertising, writing an email, or leaving a voice mail, your words are important for everything you do to market your home business. Everything starts with good copy.

You can learn how and where to place ads on Google, Facebook, or even in print, but if you don’t have the right words, they won’t be successful. You’ll be throwing money away.

There are so many things where good copywriting is required, but for this article let’s focus on ads, headlines (say for your blog), and email subject lines.

Choosing a Direction

To sell your product or service you want to be persuasive, more compelling. You should stand out in a crowd.

Before you start writing, determine what direction you want to follow to capture someone’s attention, touch their pain, or make them curious. Are you asking a question to make them think? Are you peaking their interest?

Here are some details to show you what I mean.

1. Curiosity

Talk as if you are having a conversation with friends. If you evoke curiosity, people want to find out more. Be a bit outrageous, to really stand out. Make them curious enough to click.

“Don’t Let Them Fool You Again”

– Who is ‘them’? When was I fooled and by what?

2. Compelling Questions

These can make your reader think if they have the right answer or not. It can grab their attention.

The best subjects are topics that may weigh heavy on your reader’s mind. Although you may not think so, it’s great to make them stop, think, and consider an answer.

“The Economy is Getting Worse. Are You Ready?”

– What do I need to be ready for?

3. Controversy

This is often the most effective direction. Like a boxing match, it’s human nature to watch controversy unfold. People are absolutely fascinated with controversy and drama. It’s how we’re wired.

“Flu Treatment That Could Kill You”

– I’m always nervous about getting the flu. What is this all about?

The highest paid copywriters are waiting in line to work at the National Enquirer. The paper’s entire business model is based on controversy and drama. Not really what I like, but they are one of the only national publications in the US that hasn’t folded since the 2008 market crash.

4. Do You Qualify

This is where a savvy marketer can get someone to take action. Feed them with some teasers about numbers left, time left, urgency. Highlight characteristics.

“Only 11 People Will Qualify. Are You next?”

– If it’s limited it must be special. I’m sure I can qualify.

So, now that you have an idea about having a direction to start, get creative. Pull ideas from other industries. You can easily get stuck within your own market and just write like everybody else. There are more approaches, but I’ll have to cover them in another article. Enjoy your writing!