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7 Key Elements Needed on Every Landing Page

7 Key Elements Needed on Every Landing Page

It is generally agreed that the Landing Page for a particular product on a website is very important. This is where visitors will land after clicking on a link from one of the search engines. This is the initial impression a visitor will have of a business or product – and you know the importance of first impressions!

Have you given any thought to what you can do to keep that visitor on your website other than appealing to their basic curiosity about your particular product or service? This detail is termed Landing Page Optimization which works hand-in-hand with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Following are 7 Key Elements that will help you retain visitors once they have landed on your website.

1. A Headline or Feature with Clear Benefits. The use of unique fonts and colors as well as the locations of the headline or feature on the page are some of the things you need to consider. Your goal is to grab the attention of a visitor in 10 seconds or less which isn’t very much time.

2. An Opt-in. This is an easy-to-use area where the visitor will click to sign up for something free from you or request a newsletter, anything along that order. The benefit to you is that it gathers information about this visitor as a potential client.

3. Navigation. All navigation to other areas on your website should be easy and clear-to-use, requiring just one click to find the desired information. Too many clicks and you will lose your visitor.

4. Call-to-Action. Usually this is a large, easily-identifiable flag such as “Sign Up Now!” or “Click Here!” or “Start Now!” as an example. The visitor just can’t wait to keep exploring your website – and buy something!

5. Unique Selling Point (USP). This is very important on your Landing Page. It should demonstrate to the visitor why they should buy from you, use your service, etc. It is good to have a Mission Statement to use such as “Ridding the world of bad websites, one at a time!”

6. Testimonials. Nothing sells your product or service as well as the glowing words of your customers! Images work better than words, so have at least one of the testimonials include a picture of the customer to show that it is a real person!

7. Strong Sales Copy. These could be additional benefits not listed in your USP although it may not be needed if your USP did its job and convinced them right away! Unique prices, terms, and purchase deadlines could be included here.

If you pay attention to the above details, your landing page will increase its search engine optimization and be rising in the search engine rankings. Don’t forget to keep changing the data in all of the above to keep attracting those search engines out there!