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20 Top Online Copywriting Tips

20 Top Online Copywriting Tips

I’ve come up with 20 online copywriting tips. They cover SEO, PPC, social media, online content and more. Enjoy.

1. The power and quality of a link may be affected by font size, anchor text, number of words in the anchor text (less being more) and the words around a link (make sure they are related).

2. News can be a quick and short term way of getting on to page one of Google SERPs for competitive keywords – so if something’s big news, try blogging about it.

3. Google and Twitter search results pages are your brand’s new home page – be careful what you write.

4. 70% of people trust online consumer opinions from people they don’t know – bring on the testimonials!

5. Test – everything. And if it doesn’t work, move on and try something else.

6. Find someone in your organization who can speak the same language as your customers for your social media campaigns.

7. If your product or content sucks, no amount of amazing copy will fix it. Not even Jim’ll fix it. Sorry.

8. Linkbait doesn’t have to be attention-seeking and crazy, just informative or interesting.

9. Headlines are crucial in linkbait – not necessarily about things people agree with. Tap into your dark side.

10. The best headline writers are poets, not copywriters (I write poetry too don’t you know?)

11. The look, feel and copy of your landing page should match your ad.

12. Deliberately put the wrong people off clicking your ad by using negative copy, e.g. ‘homeowners only’

13. Talk about things you know about.

14. Social media is not about digital. It’s about people. It’s about passion conversations, not product conversations.

15. Repeat your tweets once a couple of days after the first tweet. You’ll gain more followers – I can almost guarantee it.

16. Learn to be a storyteller. Narrative is what makes us human.

17. Think about the authenticity and consistency of your voice across your entire online and offline presence.

18. Avoid incestuous blogging (you know what I mean). Instead of sticking to one niche, think bigger. What social circles are related to yours?

19. Give as much as you can give. Too often we’re too focused on what we want to accomplish.

And the most important…

20. Stop talking about your products and services. People don’t care about products and services; they care about themselves.