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How to Create an Attractive, Free and Earning Personal Blog

In today’s digital era, everyone can work freely and also participate in welcoming technological advances. In addition, the freedom of expression that can be poured through a blog or wordpress can also generate quite tempting coffers of money if managed properly.

For those of you who are currently imagining and want to put it in writing, creating a Book blog is one solution for you. Besides being able to explore your imagination with writing, you can also hone your writing skills.

For the next one is to create a blog only from applications on a PC or Laptop, you need to prepare an email address from google. Steps that can be taken include:

  1. Open a browser page. The first step is that you need to open a browser page on your PC or laptop. Then type the address in the website address column.
  2. Click c create your blog . After the page appears you can click on the create your blog button to start creating a new blog.
  3. Create an account with email. Next you can write down your email address and password to create a new account on your blogspot. Even if you create a new account, you don’t need to register. Because blogspot will directly connect to the data in your gmail account.
  4. Complete the profile. After logging in to the account, you will be directed to fill out a profile on your blog. Even though you are asked to complete a profile, you can fill it out at a later time.
  1. Basic settings on the dashboard . On the profile page, you can go directly to the dashboard to set the initial appearance of the blog that you will create. On this dashboard you can write the title and address of the blog as well as the existing theme.
    Then click create blog . If you are offered to buy a domain, you can decline it by clicking No Thanks on the screen.
  2. Setting blog posts . The next step you will go to the dashboard to set up the blog and also write the contents of your blog. Then you can click publish when you have finished writing the blog content.
  3. See the results of the post. Finally, if you want to see how your posts will look on your blog, you can click visit blog or type in the address of the blog you created.