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7 Copywriting Tips and Ideas That Shake the Cobwebs From Stale Copy

7 Copywriting Tips and Ideas That Shake the Cobwebs From Stale Copy

Here’s how 7 copywriting tips and ideas polish up your web page copy, make it more reader friendly and hit a home run when it comes to making more money. I am revealing seven of my copywriting tips and ideas on how to point more arrows to your buy buttons on your website pages. These 7 copywriting tips and ideas are especially bankable for website sales letters and email landing pages. Hold on to your hat, and read on…

A. Polish up your web page copy easily by following these common copywriting mistakes:

1. Make sure the copy on your web pages follow accepted copywriting rules and standards. Start by rewriting sentences that use future tense. This means words such as “Will” which is future tense. You want visitors to read your messages in the “Present” tense.

2. Find top-ranking keywords and write the same keyword in your title tag and first sentence.

B. Make your copy more reader friendly by including these 3 copywriting tips on your web pages and email messages:

3. Don’t make your copy read like an ad. Instead, write warm and friendly copy.

4. Write your copy as if you were speaking to one person instead of a crowd. Remember that only one person at a time reads the words on your website or in your email. Writing copy as if you are speaking to one person keeps your copy personal.

5. Use the word, “you” rather than “I”, because you want to connect with the prospective buyer. Using the personal pronoun, you, also helps to word benefits rather features. Buyers are looking for benefits.

C. Increase the amount of money you earn from sales on your website with the final two ideas that have worked for top money making marketers.

6. Always include one or more incentives with your offer. For example, if you offer a comfy dog bed for a new puppy, you might include a white paper on puppy training.

7. Create a time period. This may sound strange if you have an ecommerce store and offer hundreds of products. But you can create a special offer for one of your products and promote the special offer with an expiration date.

Of course, offers with expiration times are commonly used to create a sense of urgency and gain more sales on landing pages and when selling a product using a web page sales letter.

These 7 copywriting tips quickly shake the cobwebs from stale copy and freshen it up to generate more sales for your business.