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Article Writing – The Best Off Page Optimization Solution

Article Writing – The Best Off Page Optimization Solution

There are so many ways to optimize your website to secure better page ranking. You can insert keywords on your web content so search spiders can easily analyze the theme of your site. You can also use relevant HTML tags, use site maps, make sure that your website is search engine-friendly, etc. These techniques fall under the category “on page optimization” technique.

There are other equally effective ways to make your website search engine-friendly and that’s what we call “off page optimization” techniques. This is the simple process of building links for your website to alert search spiders that your site is very informative and that it’s worth linking to.

There are two ways to build inbound links for your site; first is emailing webmasters and convincing them to link with you. This task can take so much of your time and it can get really, really frustrating. Second is through your article marketing campaign. What you can do is write articles (the more, the better) that contain resource box where you can tell your readers who you are and where you can insert your site’s URL. It’s very important that your articles are informative and that they speak volumes about your expertise. Your readers will click through your resource box if they feel that they can get additional more information from your website or that you have the best solutions to their problems.

When inserting links on your resource box, ensure that you use more anchor texts than absolute URLs. These are proven to capture the attention of most online users and they can help in improving your page rank as they allow you to highlight the keywords that you are targeting.