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Naming Web Pages For Better SEO Ranking

Naming Web Pages For Better SEO Ranking

Today’s quick tip is about web page naming conventions.

So you’ve got a web site or a blog where you regularly publish content about whatever it is that your web site deals with.

You may be missing out on some serious SEO juice if you don’t name your pages correctly.

First of all, what do I mean by when I say “name” your page?

There are two areas to focus on when naming a page. The first is the page’s Title tag. The second is the file naming convention for the site

I’ve talked in the past about title tags, and most people know that they should create a title tag using their site’s main keyword. But many people don’t take it one step further and name the file of the web page using keywords.

Let’s pretend that the main keyword for your web page is “German Shepherd Dog Training”.

In this case, you should name the file; (replace the ,html with whatever you are using to create the page, it could be .php or .cgi or .asp or nothing at all).

Most blog software will do this for you automatically, but you may have to tweak some settings.

Notice that I used lower case for all of the words. That seems to work better than using upper case letters, even for proper names such as “German”.

Also note that I separated each keyword with a hyphen. That’s important.

Naming your file correctly using your page’s main keyword, and using that phrase in the page’s title tag is an easy to implement one-two knockout punch in SEO. And of course, use the free Google keyword tool to discover what keywords to use on that particular web page.