Creative Writing for Kids

What Can You Do in Developing Creative Writing for Kids?

In this very modern age, we can’t control any sophistication of technology. Gadget becomes one of the examples that make kids are lazy to study. Well, you need to worry about this. Do not let them be addicted to the gadget from childhood. There are still useful activities they can do like writing. It’s a good strategy to broaden their insight. Creative writing for kids could be a good strategy to try. But as parents, you should know how to support them. Let them show their talent in creating story. Don’t you believe that the imagination of your children can be conveyed in writing?

Provide a Special Place to Write

In general, a writer spends time writing on tables or at coffee shops. They will find a comfortable place to spill everything they want to say. Then what about your child? You also need to think about the place where they can be creative. Therefore, give a special place that will make them comfortable. No need to use a table but can be adjusted to the conditions of the house. You can design it as adorable as possible so they enjoy to write.

Let Them Read Multiple Books in a Day

The next thing to support creative writing for kids is encourage them in reading. But this does not mean you let them read a book in a month. This can be circumvented by giving multiple books a day. This indeed sounds tiring for children. But the fact is from reading many books, we can write a long story. It doesn’t always book with hundreds of pages. By reading small books, it also can help them in adding insight. In addition, limit them in watching TV or video games so that they can focus on what they are writing.

Praise Them with Cute Words

After collecting knowledge as much as they can, you can start to praise them. There will definitely be a time when your child wants you to read their best work. Well, at this time, they certainly expect praise from you. But make different sentences that can make them even more excited. You can use characters from written stories to express your praise. This will give the impression that you are able to feel how the character exists. As an effect, your child will be very excited when you invite him to discuss about their writing. You can give questions that can encourage them to broaden their insight. That will indirectly make their brains more creative.

Supply with Online Writing Prompts or Books

Last step you should do in developing creative writing for kids is supply them with writing prompts. Every child has their own character in writing. Those who already has the “author’s blood” from birth, they might be so creative. But there will be a time when they run out of ideas. According to this case, you can help them by giving writing prompts. It’s very easy to get it anywhere, including the internet. But if you do restrict them in using the internet, you can replace it with books.…

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Professional Writing

Types of Professional Writing You Should Know

Are you aware that everyone is a writer? There are lots of work to be done by writing. Starting from replying emails, taking notes, assignments to research papers. But when it comes to the type, daily and professional writing are different. It’s because they have different goals. However, we will discuss about what are the types of professional writing. As we already know, writers are needed in this modern era. You can take advantage of this opportunity to become a more qualified one. But before that, you better know what types of writings below.

Creative Writing

Let’s start from the preferable type of writing called as Creative writing. As the name implies, this is a writing technique using creative ideas. If you want to take part in this type, you need to use some ways to find inspiration. Although it looks simpler, but it belongs to one of the types of professional writing. For those who take literary courses, you will definitely find this subject. Using simple sentences becomes a strategy that you must do. It purposes to make them don’t feel bored with what they read.

Copy/Content Writing

Have you ever heard about copy writing? This is a technique widely used by bloggers, marketing, and even business owners. No wonder this is another form of marketing that will help to increase your business customers. Writing this type requires expertise in increasing brand awareness. You must be able to attarct people in what you are offering. It’s because getting a broader audience or target market through writing are the main goals.

Academic Writing

It’s time to move on to the academic writing with more scientific techniques. It also belongs to one of the types of professional writing that is very fast growing. Usually people are interested in becoming freelancers for academic writing. If you already have passion on this you can try it. But you should start to learn how to combine scientific ideas and research well. Provide simple and understandable content so that they can enjoy it.

Technical Writing

There is another more difficult technique namely Technical writing. In this type, the writer must know how to make the discussion easier to present to the readers. There will be special languages ​​such as computer languages ​​that you should explain easier. This indeed sounds difficult because you must have qualified abilities. Most companies or large manufacturers need a freelance technical writer. If you have special expertise in a particular field as well as writing. You should try this technical writing.

Business Writing

Business writing is the last type you should know. You may already be very familiar with things like memos and e-mail. Yup, this is an example that belongs to informal business writing. Well, what about professional writing? You need to know that this includes several elements including business letters, presentations, project reports, and etc. For those who work in this field, you will focus on business communication and writing. Generally, there are several jobs such as making letters of recommendation from clients and resumes.…

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how to start writing

How to Start Writing A Research Paper?

Unlike when you write a novel, making a research paper or dissertation requires analysis and research. This one is indeed very academic because we often get it when we are in school. Are you having difficulty doing this until now? It seems you need tips for how to start writing a research paper. Do not be easily discouraged in making research papers. You just need to be more careful in organizing ideas and other things below. But first, you can check this link for more information about dissertation writing services.

Knowing How to Start It?

Determining the theme and topic is the first thing how to start writing a research paper. This is very crucial because the topic will determine whether or not your paper is easy. Therefore, measure your ability so as not to create a difficult topic. It’s because will affect the duration in writing the whole paper. In the beginning, you really have to know what you have to do. Prepare several topics from the given theme and choose the one that suits your ability. Once you have determined a suitable one, you can continue to choose a title. For the title selection, the sentence must be according to the theme of the paper. Therefore, make one clear so you can focus on doing it.

Collect all the Resources Related to Your Topic

The second step you should do to start writing a research paper is collecting sources. Without references, this is very difficult because we can only convey “not strong” ideas. As a result, your paper will be rejected by the school or university. Therefore, look for many references that can support your ideas in the paper. There will be in many forms such as books, newspapers, magazines, e-books, and others. As for those who focus on quantitative methods, you should look for direct references from the location and resources from the people concerned.

Check the References again in more Depth

In line with the previous point, you should check the references again in more depth. This is the third step you should do how to start writing a research paper. Although we can get the source easily. But not everything can be used as a reference. There are many things you must consider before choosing a reference. If you find it on the internet, make sure the page from the website is credible. Don’t try to use material whose source is unclear who or where the writing came from. Therefore, examine deeper whether the references are good or not.

Take Notes before Start to Write

Even though the previous steps have been done, but you still need to take notes before starting. The systematic writing process is what you must do now. If you write not based on this, your paper will fall apart. In addition, you also have to write based on data to stay focused. There is one more thing you should consider. Take an objective position on the data becomes very essential for your research. As a writer, don’t just dwell on data that are only subjective assumptions. If you can apply it properly, it will make your research accountable.…

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Best Books for Toddlers

First Time Moms Should Read These Best Books for Toddlers

As a mother, you absolutely want to find reading books for babies. But generally, there are still difficulties to find the right one. You must be confused about which book is perfect for your babies. Since it’s very important to teach them earlier, you can collect the best books for toddlers. If you go to the library or book store, you can find bunch of the books. However, the chosen books below may help you to teach your babies well.

Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop becomes the first recommendation of the best books for toddlers. Yeah, it’s a classic book but can be a good gift for your toddlers. As it’s beginner book, Hop on Pop encourage kids to read the whole story by themselves. But for toddlers, it’s impossible for them to read. Therefore, you can read the story using simple words or you can make gestures.  Buy this book at book store near you or simply through Amazon.

Love You Forever

Want to read a touching story for your toddlers? Love You Forever can be the number two of best books for toddlers. It’s true that this book has touched the hearts of millions globaly. You might cry in reading the whole story about eternal love from a mom to her kids. Even though it published in 1986, there are still many people who want to own this book.

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are becomes the next recommended book. You can read it for your toddlers before bed. There will be a story of Max which is an old classic hero for kids. The story focuses on the power of imagination. Not only that, there are also messages related to the relationship of mother and kids. This book tells how important it is to respect mother.

The Cat in the Hat

What’s next can be a good book for your toddlers is The Cat in the Hat. As stated by Wikipedia, the story is about a cat wearing a red and white striped hat and a red bow tie. This is kind of cute because you can enjoy the story of what happens when a cat comes while mother is out. It must be so fun to read it to your babies because the cat plays many fun games.  You can try to do a mimic of the cat to make your babies laugh. But how about the story when mom comes back to home? You might be curious what will happen. That’s why, you can buy this book online or offline. are also videos of The Cat in the Hat that you can watch it on Youtube.

Oh Baby! The Places You’ll Go

The last book to read is Oh Baby! The Places You’ll Go. This is a book written by Mrs. Seuss aka Tish Rabe. Different from the previous books, you can find collection of rhymes and poems in here. It becomes more fun to read it by singing. Your toddlers will surely like it and can sleep well.…

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Best Books for Starting a Business

Recommended Best Books for Starting a Business

As a window to the world, books can lead us to various kinds of information. You can add insight about anything through books. Business is one of the topics that is often discussed. You might be the one who wants to know the best books for starting a business. Yeah, this is true if the book also has an important role for a better business. You can improve your knowledge by reading business books. If you don’t know which book, there are some references below.

The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win

It is true that building a successful business requires a lot of effort. This is more difficult than starting a business. Without perseverance and real effort, your dream to be successful may not be realized. Therefore, this book exists to help every entrepreneur to motivate themselves. You should remember that motivation comes from yourself not others. Enjoy all the processes even in small amounts. That will make motivation stable every day.

The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

The Lean Startup becomes the number two of best books for starting a business. This book reminds you that success is not the effect of being in the right place. But it’s can be taught and learned by the right processes. This can be more difficult to compete in today’s business. If you want to be success, you need to learn ang how to create innovation.

Focal Point

What is the next book deserve to read is Focal Point by Brian Tracy. In this book, you are taught to build discipline and manage activities. It will be very helpful for you to divide time for family and for business. As the result, you can make both balance and run effectively. You might be don’t realized about the time sharing. There are already many entrepreneurs who end up very busy and don’t forget about their family too.

The Wright Brothers

Are you looking for the very inspirational book? The Wright Brothers by David McCullough becomes an option. This tells about the Wright brother that worked very hard and struggle by starting a bicycle repair shop. Because of the want to develop their business, they try to make airplanes that could carry passengers. Finally they got their first success in flying an airplane in 1903.

Purple Cow

There is still one more of best books for starting a business namely Purple Cow. According to the title, it sounds unique. Well it turns out that this is indeed in accordance with its contents. This book tells us that every company must provide the uniqueness. This means that if you want to sell a product, you must really think about its characteristics. Make the product as attractive as possible so it is easy to market. There will be knowledge that you can learn about how to produce quality products which are more valuable than the existing products. So, don’t miss every tips and step to create your own unique products.…

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Best Books for College Students

References of Best Books for College Students

As young generation, college students must always be up to date with news. Reading books is the most important activity to support it. Have you read the book today? You should know how to broaden your insight. There are best books for college students you should read every day. Whether they are new or the old ones, all of them will always be valuable. If you have difficulty in finding the books, you can look at some recommendations below.

Norwegian Wood

Beside reading books that can improve your skills, you also can read novel. Norwegian Wood becomes the first recommendation of best books for college students. You can put this on your must read list because this is truly a good book. You can learn about friendship and true love. there will be an important message that you must remember that if we have to change the principle of life, we also have to change the attitude towards everything that happens around. This teaches us to always appreciate people who cares us and be ready for anything bad in life.

A Brave New World

For those who are still confused with identity, this is the right book to read. It tells the story of the future that makes us have to follow the system or remain who we are but are not considered. As a young generation, you must feel that the system is too confining. However, there is no other choice because it ultimately becomes a condition to be accepted in the environment.

The Art of Happiness

Still talking about happiness, there is another recommendation of best books for college students. The Art of Happiness might can help you to understand how to make your life happy. This is a book containing a series of interviews with the Dalai Lama. There are many life lessons taken to stay happy. As we know, young people also have high levels of stress. There are some who are still strong to live life but some are not. Therefore, read more about life as motivation so that we are always grateful.

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird becomes the last book to read. This is a book about growing up girl. She passed challenges and relationship.  You can learn some things from her like how to face unfair life and people with different skin colours. At the end, you will see that sympathy and kindness are from all types of people. There is no specific skin colour that define how good you are. This all depends on everyone’s soul. As human being we should always understand each other. We all have different story that we don’t know. Be kind to others so that you will get more kindness to. It can be said this is very suitable to read by college students. It’s because you can learn how to appreciate diversity and create a peace with them. Apply this too in your daily lives so that you can understand what’s actually the meaning of life.…

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Best Books for Anxiety

Best Books for Anxiety to Make Yourself Better

Did you ever hear about anxiety? This is one of the mental problems faced by adults. According to data from the National Institute of Mental Health, there is one from six adults in the US experiencing mental disorders. You might need references of best books for anxiety. It’s very normal because as we know, there are many famous figures who face this mental issue. We think that they have a happy life but the fact we don’t know at all what’s behind. Therefore, these books may can help you to heal yourself from anxiety.

The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook

Awarded for cognitive therapy, this book is great for reading. In the beginning, this book was published in 1980. But now it becomes the sixth edition. There will be a lot of discussion about how to manage your anxiety. Don’t be confused because the writer provides step-by-step guidance. What you should do first is learn the various skills to manage your anxiety and then after those skills are learned you can apply them to yourself.

Full Catastrophe Living

Want to reduce your stress? You can read Full Catastrophe Living. This number two of best books for anxiety will teach you about meditation. The author wants to help people who want to do meditation. He is a pioneer in reduction of stress. You can follow it from the basic meditation until the suggestions that you can apply or practice daily.

Better than Perfect

As the name implies, Better than Perfect becomes a place how to control yourself. You might think that being perfectionist is fine for some people. But the fact that perfectionists tend to feel not good enough. Sometimes they feel emotionally unbalanced. If you are belonging to this type of person, you should put this on your must read book. It will tell you how to maintain the good side and get rid the bad side.

Getting Over OCD

Have you ever heard of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD? this is also a serious issue that is often discussed by health experts. The fact is that many adults experience OCD. Well, this next option of best books for anxiety is here to help sufferers in a more friendly way. There will be cognitive behavioral therapy based on principles.

The Worry Trick

Do you really feel scared about yourself? in this book you will understand how anxiety hijacks the brain. You may have been wondering how to cure this excessive fear. Don’t worry, this book offers effective techniques to help you break the worry cycle. Anxiety is indeed too strong to make us afraid of everything. This will affect us in making every decision especially for the future. The techniques that will be given are not to avoid anxiety. There will be the right tricks that you can practice in daily. If you are ready to get rid your anxiety, it’s your time to read the book and do what this book suggest to you.  Hope that it can bring you more peaceful.…

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