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How to Choose the Right Employees?

Choosing the right employees is a must for all companies. This is because the performance of employees in a company will definitely ensure the performance of the industry itself.

Therefore, the selection of employee candidates must be very careful and precise so that the company can obtain quality employees. In selecting employee candidates there are various methods that can be tried in order to get the best candidates.

However, do all these methods need to be fully used when selecting candidates? It depends on the type of job applied for and on the availability of resources owned by the company. Therefore, you can try the following ways to choose the right employees.

Selecting CV
In order to find the right employees, we can apply filtering based on the data contained in the candidate’s curriculum vitae (CV). Generally, the candidate’s CV contains data regarding location, age, status, education level, work experience, photos, and so on. But keep in mind that in selecting employees the curriculum vitae is not completely accurate and candidates may write incorrect data.

Many things can be extracted from prospective employees in the interview process, ranging from communication skills, personality, to honesty. Of course, the interview you undergo must be structured and systematic.

Before conducting an interview, make sure the skills and personality of the employee are what you want to occupy a position. Because it will determine the right person will occupy the right position.

Questionnaire To Be Completed By Candidate
We can carry out screening through a questionnaire filled out by the candidate. Questionnaires may ask about:

Skills, experience or attitude expected by the company
Candidate’s willingness to work overtime
Proficiency in using certain applications
Willingness of the candidate to be transferred to another area
Willingness of the candidate to do multitasking if required by the industry, and so on
Although not one of the determinants, psychological tests can describe at least the level of intelligence and abilities possessed by each person. Large companies must have a special budget to carry out this test or even be able to hire another party for this kind of test. However, if you are a small company or SME owner, there is nothing wrong with making this kind of test by searching for this test module on the internet.

Field Test
It is a form of test that tests the data or knowledge possessed by applicants. The knowledge tested must match the needs to do the job. For example, prospective candidates for business development positions must have knowledge of current market conditions in accordance with the industry being applied for.

If you are hesitant to recruit yourself because you don’t know the background of your prospective employee, then you can use the services of background screening companies