Parents Advice How to Know Your Kids Skill

Most of parents want their kids to have a skill, whether naturally or by learning. But it cannot be obtained easily because not all kids have the same competence. Do you have a child who is still in her/his growing process? You should learn how to know your kids skill as soon as possible. It is actually not far different from the way you educate your children at home. But by knowing it early, you can develop your kids skill better. Now it’s the time for you to follow the steps how to know your kids skill below.

Observe Their Daily Activities

The easiest way how to know your kids skill is by observing their daily activities. Control their activities at school and home. But it is not easy to know your kids activities. You can ask them more about their school activities when they get a free time. While when they are at home, how to know your kids skill? You can observe the activities which they often do.

Watch the Hobby They Like

The next step how to know your kids skill is by watching the hobby they like. Notice their interest how to know your kids skill. If it is still difficult for you to know the actual hobby they like, you can give them some stuffs relate to sport, art, language or others. From that, you can understand which one is the most interest they like.

Give Them a Psychology Test

Psychology test is the next step that you can do to answer the question of how to know your kids skill. Although it doesn’t give the full answer of your kids skill, but you can learn well about your kids competence. From the psychology test, you can know are your kids more leads to their right or left brain. As we know that the left brain more focuses on the learning activities such as writing, talking, and analyzing. While for the right brain focuses on creativity, art, and music. You can  realize how to know your kids skill by learning their better competence.…

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Parental Tips for Children to be Smart

What is actually the definition of smart? Maybe most of people think that smart is identical with having a high IQ. It is right but smart is not always about IQ. If you want your children to be smart, you also  have to advise them to practice their knowledge for the goods. There are some tips for children to be smart for you as the parents to follow. It will be beneficial to direct your children to be smart.

Take Them to a Course They Good at

If you find that your children have good potential in something, you can take them to a course they good at. This is the first tips for children to be smart to follow. By sending them to a course, it will train their potential to be better when they grow up. Having a good talent is one of the keys to be smart.

Give Them Positive Suggestion

As the parents, you have to pay attention more about your children growth. It is because it relates to their mental formation in the future . In directing  your children to be smart, you can do the next tips for children to be smart by giving  them positive suggestion. It sounds simple but it works for your children to develop their ability to be smart.

Limit Their Time on TV

Besides giving them simplicity, you also have to watch out for some negative activities that obstruct your children to be smart. You can follow the next tips for children to be smart by limit their time on TV. The reason why we have to limit them to watch TV because it does not give good effects only but also bad impact. As the development of mass media, TV does not an effective media anymore to support us to be smart.

Do not Force Them to be What You Want

The last tips for children to be smart that you can follow is do not force them to be what you want. It is necessary to do because forcing your children will make them become not confident about themselves. Let them develop their talent or ability to be smart.…

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Effective Teaching Strategies for Science Education

Students at this time maybe bored with the using of whiteboard in learning activities. It is because it has no interesting display to learn the subject materials. There must be effective teaching methods for any subject like Science education that can grow the interest of students in learning. If you are a teacher, you have to know about effective teaching strategies  to make your students understand the subject materials quickly. There are some effective teaching strategies for Science education below that you can use at the class.

Use Power Point for Teaching

As the modern era, there are innovative teaching medias available. Power Point is on of the examples for getting an effective teaching. You can use this media in teaching your students about scientific education. Make brief explanations about anything important relate to the science materials on your power point. You also can add some pictures to support the discussion.

Story Telling Method

The next effective teaching strategy for Science education is using story telling method. Most of students are not interested in reading books. That is why this story telling method is a best way in attracting students interest to understand the subject materials. Provide some examples around us or real experience to make your students excited to join the discussion.

Provide Scientific Games

Providing scientific games is the next strategy in getting an effective teaching for Science education. You can give them scientific games such as Science Bingo playing cards for knowing the Science terms or using  crossword puzzles to solve the Science clues. It will be very effective to enliven the classroom atmosphere.

Group Projects

To make students become more active in learning Science education, you also can give them group projects. It will require each student to be active in discussing the Science projects so that the class will be very effective.

Invite Students for a Field Trip

The last strategy in getting an effective teaching is invite your students for a field trip. You can bring them to nature or scientific museum to learn Science education. It will be easier for them to explore and understand the Science materials. Besides, it also will refresh their mind from the complicated Science materials at school.…

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Benefits of Education Technology for Students

Technology is important to improve the quality of the education. It is because it can help schools in following the education process. Besides, it also gives benefits of education technology for students. Technology appears as the media to support the students in improving their quality. Therefore, it would be nice if all schools use technology as the medium in teaching and learning activities. If you do not know yet about the benefits of the education technology for students, you can take a look at them below.

Get More Knowledge Easier

In learning process, students need to collect more knowledge. It is because they need to improve themselves to be better at school. They can use technology as the media to collect information. It will help them to add more knowledge about education technology in easy way.

Become Open Minded to World

The second benefit of education technology for students is they become more open minded to world. The using of technology makes students become more open minded with anything relates to education in all parts of the world. They will become more curious about anything that happens in the world.

Get Interactive Teaching Materials

The third benefit of education technology for students is getting interactive teaching materials. As the development of the era, using the old method of teaching will be boring for students. It is because they are already tired with the same teaching methods at school. That is why the teacher must offer technology in their teaching process for students.

Get Effective Learning Process

The last benefit of education technology for students is getting the effective learning process. Teachers must be aware in making an effective class for students. It is because it relates to their interests in following the learning activities. That is why the school itself must offer technology to their students.

After knowing all the benefits above, it can help school to update their quality for better future.…

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