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Copywriting – Four Tips For Beginners

Copywriting – Four Tips For Beginners

First, the definition. Copywriting is the use of words to advocate an entity- a person or business, or concept- an opinion or idea. It is actually synonymous with advertising. An alternate definition (in the advertising world) has copywriting as– the use of words to communicate a sales pitch to sell a product. It should not be confused with Copyright, which is one’s legal exclusivity over a literary or artistic work.

Copywriting can be effective and useful if you follow certain basic tips during their creation. It is always critical to bear in mind the purposes of the copy writing– which is to inform, advertise, promote and market. Don’t forget that the essence is always to convey the benefits of the product to your reader. Providing information, producing copy which gives facts, data, and educates; rather than aggressively sells. This has been cited as the most basic copywriting tenet.

The writing of copy is considered by advertising purists as an art form. As with all types of literature, it must be done with appropriate taste. Good copy should be able put across its message in the clearest and most succinct way possible. Honesty is always a critical “must-have.” With the words easy to read, presented in a conversational tone. Here are some other helpful tips.

Title or headline. This should be constructed in such a way to immediately capture the reader’s interest. Your choice of words is most crucial here. The headline should embody the entire idea of your work– in the simplest way possible. Make use of keyword research to find the best “money words” for your niche and use them with discretion. Your title should induce your audience to continue reading the whole article; anticipating further elaboration why they should opt for your expertise or buy your product.

Entice your readers for more. Write your articles in such a way that the reader will want to know further details. Continuously engage them with information throughout your article while including “peaks and valleys” in your writing style to whet their appetite for more. Pick their curiosity. Make them want to read until the very end of the copy– prepare them to succumb to your Call to Action.

Grammar and spelling. Nothing could be worse than copy which contain errors in spelling and grammar. Even if you have a very interesting article, readers will likely lose interest if there is a profusion of misspelled words and poor grammar. Take advantage of computer features such as spell-check and grammar-check; but still final check with a thorough read as computers are never perfect.

Don’t forget the P.S. and the P.P.S. This is often forgotten by many and is one which is likely to enhance your conversion rate. At the tail-end of the copy, is always an effective location for the PostScript (P.S.) and the Post-PostScript (P.P.S.)– in the form of a summary and where you can remind your reader to Opt-in or get your complimentary eBook. Make your end cordial and friendly, but never too aggressive in tone nor content.