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Six Figure Copywriting – How to Sell Almost Anything to Anyone at All!

Six Figure Copywriting – How to Sell Almost Anything to Anyone at All!

It can be difficult to find the right words for your advertising copy, but certainly not impossible. A great sales letter can make you six figures or more if you put it in front of a targeted audience. So it only makes sense to learn the techniques for selling anything to anyone.

Here are 5 techniques for getting customers salivating at getting their hands on your products:

1. Provide A Barrage Of Benefits

Many of us have wants and needs. It is up to you to tap into those desires to get your customers to buy from you. What are benefits? Basically they provide value to people. Features are factual while benefits are usually emotional. Features are just attributes. In your advertising, you will want to provide the benefits of these attributes in your copy.

2. Amp Up The Scarcity Factor

You must give your prospects a good reason to buy now rather than wait for later! Later might never come. You need to motivate your prospects to order now. To do that, you create scarcity in your offer such as a limited quantity or a deadline for your offer.

3. Use Compelling Font Type

Humans are visual creatures. We gravitate to anything that is pleasant looking. Your sales copy has to be pleasant and easy to read. Use proven font type such as Tahoma and Arial that have been proven to work very well for online sales letters.

4. Be Super Specific

Be ultra specific in your offers. Don’t say “You can make money by the end of the week!” Instead, say “You can possibly make $100 by the end of the week!” Of course that’s just an example. The point is, you want to include numbers instead of generalities.

5. Get Giant Ads

If you can get a big ad spot on websites, newspapers or magazines, get it. They will always out-pull the smaller ads most of the time. A big ad will often bring in a greater return on investment, although the investment will be bigger than that of a small ad. But whenever you can, occupy a large ad spot.