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Direct Response Copywriting Tip – How to Keep Your Buyers Interested

Direct Response Copywriting Tip – How to Keep Your Buyers Interested

Unless you just crawled out from under a rock this morning, you already know no one’s going to pay attention to anything you say unless it’s compelling.

Meaning, it has to, in a sense, draw your readers in. This is absolutely mandatory if you want to get ANYBODY to just listen to you, let alone buy something from you.

There are many ways to captivate people, but today let’s talk about one that’s extremely important. And that is, to keep your buyers on the edge of their seat, you must be giving them NEW information.

You either have to be actually revealing new information to them content-wise, or you want to be saying new things or using words other people don’t use.

Remember, people become captivated and you arouse your buyers attention by being different. By NOT offering up the same old regurgitated garbage everyone else is running around saying.

(And by the way, sadly, this is why even a small dose of sincerity, goes an incredibly long way.)

For instance, most people, when they are trying to tell you how wonderful they are, they brag and brag about how much money they make. But what if, for a change, someone said something like this:

“I’m not a millionaire yet, but gosh, if I live the rest of my life like this and never become a millionaire, you’re not going to hear me complaining any time soon.”

That’s a completely different message being delivered, isn’t it?

That message makes it more than “just about the money,” doesn’t it?

And that is much more appealing, and will definitely hold your attention, won’t it?

Exactly. And that’s because it’s fresh, it’s not the same boring crap you’ve read a thousand times before.

If you want to captivate someone, don’t be the parrot that repeats everything he’s heard. Be the idea guy, the creative person who’s not afraid to say something new.



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