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3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your PPC Campaigns

3 Ways To Get More Out Of Your PPC Campaigns

Is your PPC campaign under-performing? Has it become static and stale? Do you need to reduce your marketing costs and improve the efficiency of your spend? Here are 3 ways to jump start your PPC campaign and deliver better performance.

1. High Performing Keywords

If your PPC campaign has grown stale, then it’s time to add more dynamic keywords to your paid portfolio. How? Look at your organic keywords via your web analytics tool. Find keywords that bring quality traffic (engagement, conversions) for which you are not bidding.

Another good opportunity is to keep up on trending keywords and stories. Google has tools that highlight these search trends. By being more real-time and nimble you are able to be more immediately relevant than your competitors.

2. Targeted Landing Pages

Prospects are telling you exactly what they are looking for and their intent when they click on your ad. Use that information! Give them the content they are looking for balanced with relevant success events. Focus on creating great, personalized experiences.

I realize this can be a long process and may not be easy to implement depending on the scope of your campaign and nature of your business. Another method I recommend is self segmentation on one landing page. Think of the different levels of interest from prospects and have a short section on the landing page for each. And for each section add a call to action. This method is like making a sales pitch for each level of interest and providing an opportunity to commit.

3. Confirmation Optimization

The confirmation page is an often overlooked element of PPC campaigns. But it provides a great opportunity for additional calls to action. Social bookmarks, videos, downloads, and discounts can be served up to build stronger relationships with new leads and customers. This can help you turn leads into customers and new customers into loyal customers. Maximizing sales is great, but maximizing the total value of each lead and customer is even better. This is a no/low cost way to offer incremental value.

Extra credit

Test your keywords, landing page and confirmation pages often. With split or A/B testing you can make informed decisions on the best keywords, content, calls to actions, design, layout, navigation, etc.

Develop a good reporting framework that highlight the opportunities on a regular basis. A good PPC campaign is a continuous program of incremental improvement. You do, you learn and you get better. Make sure you have concise, insightful reporting from your analyst(s) to support your efforts.