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Getting Listed on Google’s First Page With Keyword Optimization Techniques

Getting Listed on Google’s First Page With Keyword Optimization Techniques

Getting your blog listed on Google’s first page is the goal of having your blog search engine optimized. SEO (search engine optimization) techniques are something that every webmasters has to apply on their web page, and for many newbies, it can be very difficult to understand. When I get my hands on these SEO things for the first time, it was like going to take me years to really understand it.

I bet many of you have been in the same shoes before, and another thing is, many those gurus who are making money online selling their “SEO Roadmap” are making it sound too difficult to understand. They are putting it like without buying their SEO Roadmap; you are going to struggle for years before you finally get it right.

Do not get me wrong. I am not saying those SEO products are a piece of crap, it’s very helpful though, for those who are damn lazy to find things on their own. What I have learn, the best way to understand how things work is to actually try to run it. No doubt it is time consuming but when you finally get it, the feeling is so good.

Here I would be happy to share my little experience keyword optimization that get my blog ranked on Google’s first page for the terms “Money blog for newbies”.

No doubt having few good backlinks is extremely important in order to rank well on Google, but without having your keywords optimized the right way will not give you the best result too. In the following point I will share few tips on keywords optimization that I had use on my blog.

Tips on keywords optimization

1) Optimize only ONE keyword for each web page

If you had optimized one of your web page for a certain keyword, you should make sure not to optimize that same page for other keywords. I think, if I concentrate ONE keyword on each page then the chances for that page to rank well on search engine result page for the terms will be higher. It is better for that page to highly relevant for one search term than somewhat relevant to many search terms.

2) Optimized the web page for that keyword

When you optimize each page for only one search term, then you should try to put it in every important elements of the page. Sprinkle the keyword naturally on the page, Use it in all the important web page elements.

3) Optimize the web page for a specific keyword

Whenever you want to choose a keyword to optimize on a single web page, it is always best to target on a specific search term. Avoid to choose a very general keyword that will put you in a fierce competition. Your keyword should be in a specific term, what I am trying to point out is, put your keyword in a phrase how people will use it in the query.

The advantages of optimizing a specific search term are, it is much easier to rank well because the competition is relatively low and you will automatically for many other keywords.