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Copywriting Secrets: The First Thing You Absolutely Must Do Before Writing A Single Word

Copywriting Secrets: The First Thing You Absolutely Must Do Before Writing A Single Word

Before you even write a single word of your copy, you must have these things in order – otherwise everything else you do afterwards will be a total failure

Where as the headline is the most important element to your sales letter, market research is the single most important aspect of your sales copy as a whole. It is your market research that will help you craft that perfect sales message and write that headline which will appeal to your target audience and make them buy whatever it is you are selling to them.

Identify Your Customer

Who is your target audience? Are they male or female? What is their age group? What do they do for a living?

What is their biggest problem? What motivates them? People will do almost anything to avoid pain. Moving away from pain is a greater motivator than moving towards pleasure.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking everyone is your market, as most people tend to do when writing their copy or starting their business. You need to be laser targeted so you can get the very best results and make the most sales, because you spend more time on those that do or could want it, than on the vast majority that aren’t, and who’re only wasting your time and effort.

Know the market you are selling to. What type of language do they use? Every market tends to have their own terminology that they like to use. If you were in a golf market for example, you would use terms like “birdies” and “eagles”, or that you’d use a “9 Iron” or “Pitching wedge” Learn their language, and use it so that they trust you more because you are “one of them” and not some outsider who only cares more about selling to them, than about them.

Talk to them in a way you’d talk to a friend in a bar conversation. What would you say to a friend who has a problem and you have the exact solution to it? Would you be get into salesman mode or would you talk to them, understand the problem they are going through, and subtly working your product solution into the conversation and how it will help them. How It would make their life so much better once they buy whatever it is you are selling to them

Write how you speak. Don’t be too “salesy” and use hypey language that will put people off from you.

People will only buy from those they like and trust. If they don’t trust you, they’ll never buy from you.