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2 Dynamic Copywriting Tips to Sell Your Offers Like Crazy!

2 Dynamic Copywriting Tips to Sell Your Offers Like Crazy!

Is your copy failing to make the conversions you hoped for?

Well how would you like a few quick fix tips to help boost the response your getting?

If that sounds good to you then continue reading this entire article…

By applying the dynamic tips I’m going to reveal, you can take your copy from being a dud to being absolutely irresistible and compelling!

So lets begin with the first tip which is…

1. Sell Specifics, Not Generalities

Make sure that if you have any general words, statements or stories that you make them more specific. Why?

Because when you sell the specifics you make your claims a lot more believable. Especially when using copywriting over the internet.

If your target reader sees your message as vague then they’ll be highly skeptical to the claims you make within your copy.

Also using specific words generate a far greater emotional reaction then generalized words.

Take these two lines below for example… Which ones has more of an emotional impact:

“Last week I went to a restaurant and I had the worst experience ever”


“Last Thursday I went to Ceros Heros, a popular Greek restaurant in my town, and the waiter tripped over my shoe spilling all the dishes on me. I rank that as one of my worst restaurants experiences ever.”

Do you see how much more emotional the specific statement is compared to the first statement, which is general?

If so then you understand dynamic copywriting tip and you should use it with all your copy for now on.

Now the second dynamic copywriting tip is…

2. Be “You” First

When writing any kind of copy the target reader/listener/viewer must know he’s the target so the benefits exist to him.

The majority of your copy should be about what’s in it for your target. Not for you.

So instead of “these speakers look deluxe and sound amazing”, you would write “You’ll love the deluxe look of your speakers and how amazing the sound is in your home.”

That’s all there really is to it. Being “you” first should be treated more as a rule rather than a guideline. If you do so then you’ll notice how your copywriting performs much better.

So in conclusion…

The next time you sit down to write copy, remember to convey specifics and talk about what’s in it for the target. Doing so will ensure that your copy gets a bigger response selling your offer like crazy!