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Thesis Theme For Websites

Thesis Theme For Websites

Are you serious about getting the most out of your WordPress site? If so, the Thesis theme is something something you should be using. Thesis is very easy to use for beginners, but fully customizable for developers.

What Thesis provides that most other themes lack is a user interface that makes many of the most common tasks simple with some text explaining what each option provides and without having to search through the code to make the change. Some examples of things that can be accomplished via the user interface is modifying colors, changing column layout and column size, site title, and even insertion of header and footer code.

For the more advanced users there is an easy to use screen where one can make the use of hooks. Hooks are meant to make further customizing simple and more intuitive; such as moving the search bar, placing search boxes in the header, or adding content to the footer.

Oh, I must not forget to mention that the Thesis theme is optimized for search engines straight “out of the box”. Each new page and post also give you many more options to make your new content keyword rich to help your site be more findable in Google and the others. People being able to find your site is a must if you dream of making it big on the web.

I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about making the leap in purchasing the Thesis theme because it is $87 for a personal use on one site, or $164 for use on all of your sites and with client discount options. The price tag has turned out to be small in comparison to the time I have saved customizing and the speed I was able to get my site out.

If you are serious about a more findable and engaging WordPress site, purchase the Thesis theme it is an excellent part of your foundation to getting all your great content out to the masses and making it standout from all the others.